Scandinavian design ideas: how it works!

Scandinavian design ideas scandinavian bedroom design idea DIJORXL

Nature bond and clear forms The love of nature is unmistakable in the Nordic decorating style. The designers like to pick up on their products Wood from local forests like spruce, birch or pine Back. For furniture and home accessories, a lot of value is on the whole natural products. …

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Discover Shabby Chic: ideas for interior design style!

shabby chic furniture interior design shabby chic living room with ceramic flooring ideas YDGPVHN

What is Shabby Chic? The British stylist Rachel Ashwell opened a shop in California in 1989, where she sold beloved finds from the flea market, heirlooms and individual new items – including furniture -. So she jumped on a trend that emerged in England in the 80s as a countermovement …

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Vanity practical & beautiful: how it works!

beautiful vanity iu0027m already inspired to buy a makeup mirror and a beautiful upholstered  chair, SVUKFNW

The vanity is a real all-rounder among the bath furniture! It can serve as a storage space and at the same time provides space for beautiful Decoration and cosmetics. A new vanity must come! In the routine, you often do not notice that the washbasin is not as attractive as …

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Vanity unit with basin: Creative Ideas for the Bathroom!

vanity unit with basin 1040mm wall hung curved vanity unit with resin sink | right hand | grey SYXUTGJ

Sink and vanities Sinks and vanities are among the basics of bathroom equipment. In common usage washbasins are often equated with base cabinets, which are provided with recessed sinks. In fact, this type of table is a vanity unit with additional storage space. In the narrower sense, the terms in …

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Mirror cabinet – Pictures & Ideas

Mirror cabinet 54 VYIPUCV

Why should one buy a mirror cabinet? A mirror cabinet has many advantages, because directly above the sink creates a opaque storage space with additional mirror function, Integrated light sources provide one direct lighting from the front and throw in contrast to the ceiling light no unpleasant shadows. For example, …

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Design bathroom tiles: Discover trends & tricks

Design bathroom tiles 33 bathroom tile design ideas - unique tiled bathrooms EYXEETJ

Bathroom tiles, especially the floor tiles, have to be robust due to the high humidity in the room. The time of the brown, sturdy tiles in the style of the 1980s is passé: There is now a huge selection of tiles for the bathroom, If you want to play it …

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Christmas decoration ideas: Let yourself be inspired!

Christmas decoration ideas christmas decorating ideas ornament pine trees IUKEQSE

The Advent calendar – a must have It is clear, the possibilities to create a cozy Christmas decoration are great! Definitely one of them advent Calendar, Why? The Advent calendar is perfect as a personalized decoration and tunes us in tinkering and wrapping the little gifts for Christmas. The whole …

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Decorative Armchair


In at the moment’s home design, there’s a robust craze, because of this authentic three-piece couch assortment turns into much less in style. Owners select a extra versatile seats options. The sofa and armchair needn’t be the identical model or protected with similar supplies. The sofa can have – a …

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Wassily Chair

Wassily Chair | Knoll

Identified for its unique design the Wassily chair will make you a fan the second you take a look at it. For those who prefer to experiment with your interior decoration with a unique set of furniture then this chair is ideal for you. However don’t assume that it comes …

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