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Helpful tips for choosing the right baby bed

Helpful tips for choosing the right baby bed

The cot is one of the first purchases made for the offspring – and by far the most important. In his crib, the baby spends many hours and nights processing the day. As the baby grows and learns to romp and play, the bed has to endure a lot – and above all be safe.  you will find many sugary home decorating ideas and helpful tips for choosing the right baby bed. From the classic bed-room to the colorful children’s bed, everything is there that will give your baby sweet dreams!

What types of baby cots are there?

Generally, cots have four different shapes:

  • the (common) cot,
  • the mobile cradle,
  • the bassinet for the first months as well
  • the additional bed, which can be connected to the maternal bed.

What should be considered when buying a cot for children?

When baby cot it is important to take other precautions than atm simple cot,

Here are some suggestions:

  • The rung distance at a crib should be between 4.5 and 6.5 inches;
  • The mattress should be at least 30 centimeters below the top edge of the bed and lie directly against the bedstead.
  • Materials should be tested for harmful substances – the cot may be painted white, but paints and coatings should be strictly controlled, as well as textiles;
  • It is important to make sure that the mattress is not too soft so that baby does not “sink” into it and can still breathe easily while lying on his stomach.

Of course these are not all points that should be considered. To be on the safe side, it’s best to talk to the manufacturers of the products, who can tell you the exact safety precautions. You can also address individual needs here, so you do not make it harder than you have to. For example, there are baby beds where the slatted frame can be raised and lowered. So you do not have to stoop so much in the beginning and later climbing adventures are less dangerous.

Apart from all functionalities, the cot should of course look pretty and fit nicely in the nursery. Bright, relaxed colors, natural materials such as wood and decorative elements are particularly important for the well-being of the baby.