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Boxspring bed ideas: Let yourself be inspired!

Boxspring bed ideas: Let yourself be inspired!

What is a box spring bed and what is it different from conventional beds?

Boxspring beds – long used in America – are becoming increasingly popular in world. The beds we know mainly from American hotels and luxury cruise ships (on the Titanic slept on a box spring bed). Unlike a normal bed, a box spring bed is a sophisticated sleep system and the solution to back problems. The great sleeping comfort is mainly due to the good suspension of these beds, which flexibly adapts to the body. But not only the quality of box spring beds is interesting, but also the look.

A box spring bed is a complex, intelligent sleep system. Not only is it much higher than a normal bed, it is also built differently. The lower part of the box spring bed is a base, the so-called boxspring (also called under mattress). Translated, Boxspring roughly means “crate with feathers”. It is the centerpiece of the bed and consists of a cushioned frame made of solid wood with short feet, in which the suspension is located. This in turn is composed of Bonellfedern. Above one pile up mattress and a Topper, The latter is an edition that provides even more comfort and serves to protect the top mattress.

The great sleeping comfort of a box spring bed is mainly due to the good suspension, which is characterized by a constant elasticity under stress. The upper and lower mattress combine to form a vibrating element. This relieves the strain on one’s own joints and makes turning around in sleep much easier.

What types and variations of boxspring beds are there?

Box spring beds can be structured differently. For example, boxspring mattresses in American box spring beds are up to 30 centimeters thick and serve as a direct sleeping basis. By contrast, Scandinavian box spring beds have a topper that can be ordered.

Box spring substructure: There are different sizes and formats of box spring substructures, whether small single bed or large double bed. Often, two single bed substructures are put together and a continuous box spring mattress placed over it.

Box spring-head: It is up to you whether the box spring bed should receive a headboard. The opulence, which results from the construction of box spring, box spring mattress and topper, can be visually compensated by a high headboard. For this it should protrude about 20-30 inches above the box spring modules. Also style, material and color can be varied.

Box spring mattress: Traditional box spring beds have innerspring or tonneau pocket spring mattresses. They offer maximum comfort through good point elasticity, high flexibility and climatic conditions. In a box spring bed, the relief of the joints is the focus. For this, it is advisable to consult an expert who takes into account individual sleep needs in mattress choice. The height of the mattresses can be varied.

Topper: The topper is not a must, but is used in Scandinavian box spring beds to allow an all-inclusive sleeping experience. In the American box spring the topper falls away, because above the thick luxury mattresses already a softer layer is incorporated – in the US as Pillowtop called. The filling of a topper often consists of sheep’s wool, horsehair or compressed bedsprings. Likewise, viscoelastic material, latex or cold foam are possible. With synthetic materials such as foam, however, the good climatic conditions of the box spring mattress can be restricted.

The advantages and disadvantages of a box spring bed

Before purchasing, the advantages and disadvantages of beds should first be known:

Advantages of boxspring beds:

  • Particularly high lying comfort due to: high point elasticity and high flexibility;
  • Mattresses of box spring beds can insulate heat well;
  • Long durability;
  • Height facilitates getting in and out;
  • Boxspring bed can be upholstered with different materials;
  • Luxurious look

Disadvantages of box spring beds:

  • Individual components are not always easily interchangeable;
  • The double bed is only partially different degrees of hardness per partner;
  • A box spring bed is difficult to transport;
  • High quality boxspring beds are expensive than “classic” beds

For cheaper specimens, it may happen that the box spring replaced by a slatted frame or consists of a simple wooden box without suspension. The sleeping comfort of such beds is not comparable to that of a real box spring bed. It is often the pure look that is imitated in beds with false suspension. Therefore, should be paid to the purchase of box spring beds especially on the base!

Which mattresses are suitable for me?

Trialing alone is not enough to determine if it is the right mattress. That’s why good advice is important. Basically, there is no perfect mattress material. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The degrees of hardness and other mattress characteristics can usually be adapted to the individual needs of the sleeper.

These questions should be asked before consulting the right mattress:

  • Is your night cold or warm?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • How tall are you?
  • What is your usual sleeping position?
  • Do you sleep alone or as a couple?
  • Are you allergic?

The degree of hardness defines the resistance of the pad to the body. Say how hard or soft this is. Mattresses are usually divided into five degrees of hardness. However, these have little significance, because there is no single standard. Each trader himself defines how hard he classifies a mattress. For mattresses for box spring beds, usually only three degrees of hardness are distinguished:

  • H1 (very soft, suitable for side sleepers)
  • H2 (medium, suitable for lateral and abdominal sleepers)
  • H3 (hard)

The combination of barrel pocket spring mattresses and Bonell spring core in the box spring is the ideal prerequisite for making the slightly oscillating properties of box spring beds effective. High-quality mattresses made of cold foam or latex mattresses over the box spring can also provide for a good night’s sleep. However, they insulate the feather-light and flexible reclining feeling one has with boxspring beds. In principle, the more springs the mattress contains per square meter, the higher the comfort and the healthier the mattress. However, the price of beds increases considerably with the number of springs.

Tips for testing

Tip 1: It is best to test the mattresses in the morning or in the morning. In the afternoons and evenings, the degree of comfort is less conscious, as you may have had a strenuous day and therefore every relaxation is more undifferentiated.

Tip 2Take the pillow with you to the shop where you normally sleep. This will help you to establish the normal sleeping conditions and it will be easier to judge if the mattresses combined with your favorite pillows are really comfortable.

Tip 3: Make sure that you try out exactly the box spring bed with all the components you are about to buy – every single component of the bed is crucial and crucial to the feeling of lying.

Tip 4:If the box spring bed is intended for two people, then both should be on it at the same time – especially if it is a continuous top mattress.

Tip 5: Concentrate on lying and trying to relax – the sales pitch should be limited or interrupted for a short time.

When is the right feeling on mattresses achieved ?:

  • if, the spine up to the cervical vertebra forms a straight line when lying sideways (without active force);
  • when lying on the side, the shoulder and pelvic area must sink deeper than the waist and knee area;
  • if there are no gaps between the body and the mattress, the support function of the respective mattresses is good – even with the hollow back there should be no gaps between the back and the mattress.

Mattresses are too tight if:

  • one does not know where to place one’s shoulder when lying sideways;
  • you feel pressure in the shoulder and pelvic area;
  • Fall asleep body parts when lying down for a long time in one position;
  • the neck is stretched in the lateral position without a pillow;
  • you hardly sink.

Mattresses are too soft, though:

  • you have a lot of trouble turning around.
  • you sag.
  • you sink too deeply.

Do I need a box spring bed?

Since box spring beds are much more expensive than conventional sleep systems, you should first think twice about whether buying a box spring bed is a worthwhile investment. Buying a box spring bed for purely visual or fashionable reasons is unnecessary. Likewise the purchase of a box spring bed, just to make getting in and out easier.

Those who are prone to back pain and poor sleep should take a close look at their current bed. Often an unsuitable slatted frame and a bad mattress have to do with sleepless nights. In the event that even the highest quality bed modules do not improve comfort, it is well worth it to buy a box spring bed.

A box spring bed should always be perfectly attuned to the sleeper so that it is not just a prestige object. The feeling of lying on box spring beds is very different from what one is used to from European mattresses. Therefore, it should be tested for more than one night to see if sleeping comfort in a box spring bed increases. It can sometimes take up to a month to properly know the box spring bed.