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Guestbed Inspiration: Inviting Ideas

Guestbed Inspiration: Inviting Ideas

It is scientifically proven: In foreign beds we sleep worse especially on the first nightbecause the left brain remains alert. One reason for us to make the guest bed even more comfortable and inviting. Our community members show you which great beds they have for their guests. Let yourself be inspired or show us your innovative guest bed solution.

The guest bed in extra guest room

What we most want when we are a guest elsewhere? Cozy mattresses and room to pull us back. For visitors, a guest room with a real guest bed is pure luxury. Think about a concept beforehand and look for furniture and accessories afterwards. desserts, carpeting and cozy little lights make the room comfortable. A storage for clothing is also beneficial. Leave room to put a foldable mattress in the room in addition to the double bed. So children or other friends can easily accommodate.

The fast, functional guest bed – various possibilities

For you, a guest bed must be functional in the first place, since you have no additional guest room? There are also numerous possibilities. Perfect is a bed that requires little space and can be quickly folded in and out. This has the advantage that you can use the area otherwise, should no visit be there.

When in terms of Furniture space-saving functionality is in demand, furniture manufacturers offer various models of sofa beds, air beds, sleeping chairs up to mattresses. Ideally, each of the beds transforms into a cozy retreat for the guest in just a few simple steps. This is especially popular sofa bed, which integrates in study provides additional seating.

As more and more living space is limited and a separate Guest room not always available, meet the air bed and the multifunctional mattress on enthusiasm. An airbed is in a broader sense the modern variant of the air mattress. A high-quality air bed usually has an integrated electric pump, which takes over the pumping in and out of the air. Depending on the model, the mattress’s reclining height ranges from 40 to 60 centimeters, as in a real bed.

Regardless of whether it’s in a separate guest room or in a functional and quick way, each option gives you the opportunity to receive friends, family and acquaintances appropriately.