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The Awning Almanac – A Guide to Choosing External Blinds

When was the last time you looked at your external blinds? Are you really looking at her?

If you can’t remember, it’s been too long and you may be missing out on a great opportunity to add value to your property.

Your choice should depend on what protects your home, but also what style is right for your home.

Design and practicality are often not discussed in the same conversation. However, since these will not be changed for another lifetime, you should follow these instructions before making a decision.

Gadgets / functions

If you haven’t been in the game in a while, things have changed.

Blinds and awnings no longer rest, but work for you and change at will. The Awnings with a folding arm are a particularly popular feature as they allow you to have fun outdoors year round without the risk of sun and rain ruining your plans.

They’re also designed to be compact so your guests don’t trip on ropes and retreat on poorly placed poles.

Hardy material

Everything appears stable on the day of installation. But after a few sunny summers and relentless storm seasons, your exterior blinds can go away and need to be replaced more often than you’d like.

Materials like aluminum and resilient fabrics will stand the test of time, and while wood design can look appealing if it cracks and warps in the sometimes relentless Australian seasons.

Ask the provider about the warranty period and how many years you can expect to get out of the product. It can be cheaper to pay more for a long-lasting product than the bargain that needs to be replaced too soon.

Reasonable color

color The Awning Almanac - A Guide to Choosing External Blinds

Choosing a color is sure to spark debate at home. The best course of action is usually to ditch your favorite color and lead with what suits your home and stand the test of trends and time.

Neutral tones are often the best choices, and as is the case for your outdoors, be careful to let dark colors fade. Check with your supplier for examples of each color and swatch, if they are available.

These exterior blinds form the backdrop for any celebration that you enjoy in your entertaining space. So choose the right color for your home.

Trust the experts

Price or quality? You know the answer. You don’t choose a duster or mop here. You choose a product that protects your family from the sun and rain and forms the backdrop for your entertaining outdoor area.

By using trusted suppliers, you can be sure that the external blinds will go over the distance. If this is not the case, they are quickly replaced and cared for.

If you know who sold you your blinds, how they are installed, and when to have them checked, your exterior blinds will last a long time. Avoid selling and prices that are too good to be true or you will pay for them.


Choosing and installing items that add value to your home is always fun.

Every time you sit outside with a good book and morning tea, you want to look up and know that you have chosen the right style for your home. Practicality, quality and durability should be important factors in your decision. So start your research!