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Kitchen shelf ideas: Let yourself be inspired!

Kitchen shelf ideas: Let yourself be inspired!

The possibilities to reconcile order and aesthetics in the kitchen are manifold. Stop the time of long searching for cooking utensils in the backmost corner of the cupboard. We show you great ideas on how to make your kitchen with kitchen shelves even more beautiful and functional. In the field of kitchen furniture, there is a large selection of kitchen shelves, spice racks and wall shelves. Depending on the needs or the space available, you can choose between different models:

  • As kitchen shelf is generally referred to a floor shelf in which often a lot of storage space is available. As an open shelf it offers a space for individual presentation of favorite products. A kitchen shelf is therefore particularly suitable for dishes, baking and cooking ingredients. When ingredients are stowed in this piece of furniture, everything is at hand! And the necessary imagination to create delicious dishes comes automatically.
  • The same applies to the spice rack: A spice rack is best placed in the vicinity of the cooker. Because, here, the direct access inspires the creative use of spices, which give the food that extra something. Especially as a spice rack also invites you to grow a large assortment of spices. If the decanting in cans is too annoying, worried immediately a spice rack, which is tailored to the dimensions of the commercial spice jars. This furniture is very narrow, so that the glasses from the supermarket fit exactly. Curry, nutmeg and coriander are always ready!
  • As last stowage possibility comes in the kitchen still a wall shelf in question. A wall shelf does not need much space and makes the bare, monotonous wall an eye-catcher. On a piece of furniture like the wall shelf you can present all the things that make the kitchen more comfortable: small herb pots, appealing cookbooks..