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Bed Inspiration: Make yourself cuddly!

Bed Inspiration: Make yourself cuddly!

How beautiful, that you are here! A declaration of love to the bed ♥

How to bed, so you lie, says the vernacular. And how right he is: nothing is as important as a night in a cuddly bed! Here we recover from exhausting work days, dream of our next adventures and watch our favorite series until our eyes are closed. With the right one pillow. Cover and our favorite drink will make the bed the most beautiful place in the world! Therefore, in the choice of our bed should be paid to a lot.

Dreamy or American?

Bed is not the same bed! And so there is the right solution for every style of furnishing and every sleep habit:

  • single beds
  • doubles
  • poster beds
  • Guest and daybeds
  • sofa beds
  • High and bunk beds
  • Box spring

From this short list it is already clear that the individual bed models differ greatly. On the comfortable cot usually follows the single bed, later change taste and preference individually and influence the choice of the first adult bed. While many are looking for the more comfortable, there area larger double bed Decide, there are still individualists who enjoy the enjoyment of a romantic canopy bed Afford. In addition to much more intimacy, this offers with the drooping, so-called canopy as well Protection against cold and annoying insects, Great popularity in the European area enjoys for some years the original American box spring bed, With a spring box and the comparatively strong mattress including a lying Topper these beds are considered Top riding in terms of comfort. However, box spring beds take up a lot of space, so with a very small bedroom, you may even have to use one loft bed can be used. Space-saving and multi-faceted in design, it has long since served as a pure cot.

Mattresses are not just for hopping

Play at the bedroom furniture mattresses often a minor role. This is a mistake, because these are crucial for the entire sleep experience next to the personally preferred bed. The objective quality the future mattress should be taken into account, as well as individual needs: Size and weight of those sleeping on it, but also any skeletal disorders should not be ignored in a professional advice. Mattresses are divided mainly into Foam mattresses. Spring mattresses and Memory Foam Mattresses,