Thursday , October 1 2020
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Apartment in the beautiful and luxurious Mountain ski area

Appartamento Lenzerheide was an architectural project by 2013 Angelo Pozzoli. The property is located in the beautiful and luxurious Lenzerheide mountain ski area in Switzerland. Pozzoli’s architectural goal when building the rustic apartment was to create something modern and comfortable while at the same time fitting into the typical style …

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Bay window decor to try in your home

From the Latin word for gallery or veranda, veranda, we got the term “bay window”. This room is pushed outwards by other walls in the room, creating the effect of a bay. There are several types of bay windows, e.g. B. semicircular, square, triangular or polygonal, rectangular and sometimes curved. …

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Turquoise interior design is always a good idea

Turquoise is one of the most soothing and calming colors that you can use to make your space cozier. Named after the gemstone, this color is immediately reminiscent of Tiffany boxes and Caribbean water. Therefore, turquoise interior design is always a good idea, you guessed the right color. Turquoise is …

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Beautiful Holly House designed by StudioMET architects

Holly House is in the heart of Houston, Texas, USA. This beautiful home in Houston was designed by the architectural firm StudioMET and contains 5,560 square feet. It takes mid-century lines and combines them with a contemporary take that gives you a great mix for a younger generation. The hardwood …

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Inexpensive decoration ideas

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still redecorate your home. Changing your décor doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and there are some great cheap decorating ideas out there that will make your home look like new. There are many excellent ways you can decorate your …

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