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Images and inspiration for modern kitchens for small spaces!

Images and inspiration for modern kitchens for small spaces!

Although modern electrical appliances are often a costly investment, they do a great deal of work in the kitchen – making them ideal for anyone who likes to stand behind the stove of modern kitchens. Whether in a single household or with a large family: Modern kitchens adapt to the needs and are super flexible.

Even country-style kitchens can now be interpreted as modern kitchens. Fittings made of metal, glossy materials, large windows to the garden, modern worktops and a minimalist color concept. This is how the modern kitchen becomes favorite place!

These design ideas immediately bring modernity to your kitchen:

  • Kitchen islands with modern bar stools
  • Indirect lighting that looks like natural light
  • Shiny surfaces
  • Brightness and width
  • Custom-fit built-in wardrobes

Open, modern kitchen – practical or disturbing?

Modern kitchens like to be designed openly – this gives them space, brightness and makes the living area look bigger. Especially with invitations and dates for cooking is great, because the host can always stay in touch with his guests. Minus point: With an open, modern kitchen, smells spread more easily in the apartment. However, there are now strong extractor hoods that eliminate odors even while cooking.

//Tip, if you want to play it’s own: Sliding doors are a good wall replacement. They can be pushed while cooking and give you the feeling of open open kitchen,

Modern kitchens with comfort – functional and well planned

Above all, modern kitchens should be one thing: Functional! In addition to the devices, this also applies to the arrangement of the individual kitchen elements. The oven is installed at chest height and the kitchen doors do not swing in the way. More and more manufacturers also offer adjustable Furniture for the kitchen, which can be adapted to different situations. At the kitchen table you can not only eat, the homework is done there.

Modern kitchens for small spaces

Modern kitchens can not only be integrated into large rooms, quite the contrary! With modern living concepts you can get in small kitchens necessary storage space. Integrated wine holders, clever garbage, drawer and cabinet systems make it possible. Due to the usually bright, minimalist design of the modern kitchen, the small room is even larger and less crushed.

What does a modern kitchen look like for you – super clean or with one or the other Decoration-Detail? Get inspired in the community and show us how to make your kitchen modern!