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Kitchens living rooms combined: how it works!

Kitchens living rooms combined: how it works!

Who is not a separate dining room, but a big one kitchen has, usually set up as a kitchen. In addition to kitchen, cooking utensils, electrical appliances and co. Find in her dining table with chairs and space for cosiness. An eat-in kitchen is often the focal point in the house. It connects the dining area with the cooking area and offers space for the whole family. The times when cooking was seen as work and a kitchen as a necessary space are over. Nowadays, when planning a kitchen, a large kitchen can no longer be missing and is often a decisive criterion in the choice of accommodation. We owe this phenomenon to, among other things, the well-known cooking programs on TV, which have taught us to look at cooking as an event and communicative pastime. Kitchen parties, cooking together with friends and relaxing coffee are on the agenda.

Planning the kitchen

When planning a kitchen, it must always be remembered that there is sufficient space for kitchen. Squeezed together in a confined space, the combined cooking and dining area is quickly cramped and uncomfortable. However, if there is enough space, a kitchen-cum-living room offers many advantages, especially in the interpersonal communication in the foreground. Thus, guests can be cared for during the meal preparation, the family life connected with the kitchen work and the work surface in the kitchen can be enlarged. As a disadvantage of a kitchen, however, the kitchen odors are seen, which can spread freely in the living room. Modern cooker hoods can be used to neutralize them, which quickly invalidates the above drawback.