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Open kitchen ideas: living kitchens can be so beautiful!

Open kitchen ideas: living kitchens can be so beautiful!

Open kitchens: the advantages

Open kitchens are very trendy. Why? The open kitchen is a symbol of modern and stylish living. Through their direct connection to the dining room the living area looks open and spacious. The open floor plan also promotes communication with family and guests. An open kitchen, thanks to the flowing transition to the living area, creates a very special ambience and looks fresh and modern.

The planning of an open kitchen

The planning of open kitchens offers great flexibility. Thus, this type of kitchen makes perfect use of scarce space, since additional walls including additional wall surface can be omitted. An additional advantage for families: If the open kitchen is planned properly, the children will stay in better focus when cooking.

Especially recommended in the planning of the installation of a kitchen island, It offers extra space for working and storing kitchen utensils. Furthermore, it is possible to create a spatial separation between kitchen and living area.

A good extractor hood should not be missing either. It prevents the spread of kitchen odors in the kitchen living room,

Anyone who manages to harmoniously harmonize their open kitchen with the overall concept of their home will be rewarded with a special cooking and living experience.

The possible disadvantages of open kitchens

The integration of the kitchen into the living space is often viewed as disadvantageous, contrary to the opinion of many proponents.

In particular, the following concerns are raised:

  • The result of open kitchens odor can settle directly in the living room.
  • The kitchen chaos and dirty kitchen appliances do not stay hidden from the guests, causing
  • the relaxed atmosphere and the coziness can be disturbed.

What you should pay attention

When buying open kitchens, it is very important that powerful and at the same time low-noise kitchen appliances to get integrated. In addition, the odor with a good Ventilation system or extractor hood counteracted.

Whether an open kitchen or a kitchen is the right choice for you depends strongly on your own requirements and needs. Also a regular one kitchen offers many advantages – you should weigh the arguments thoroughly beforehand.