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Master bedroom closet design ideas

Master bedroom closet design ideas

Do you remember the time when closets in master bedrooms consisted of just one door that had to be opened? Remember when all you have to do is open the door, choose the clothes to wear, and then close the door again? Closets were simply places to store clothes, nothing more.

However, times have definitely changed. Nowadays, closets in the master bedroom offer ample space for furniture, seating and even a dressing area, which is very common.

Unless you have a large closet, don’t think that the space should only be suitable for a single function. It’s important to remember that multifunctional cabinets will stay here and not go anywhere anytime soon.

161 design ideas for the wardrobe in the master bedroomImage source: Kay Wade, cabinet factory

Here are some useful master bedroom wardrobe design ideas and tips to help you choose the right closet.

A closet is a great thing to add to your master bedroom

Walk-in closets are wonderful additions to any type of home design. They can be either small or large; However, they can also provide great storage space and help people find a sense of comfort in their master bedroom.

26 design ideas for the master bedroom closetImage source: Modern bedroom

A functional and well-designed storage system is perhaps the best way to transform a walk-in closet into a more comfortable retreat. This would be a great way for someone to enjoy a collection of things like shoes or accessories. Walk-in closets offer convenient storage solutions that will help you get the most out of your master bedroom when it comes to organization and space.

35 design ideas for the master bedroom closetImage source: Contemporary bedroom

Layout and space requirements

Walk-in closets should always be around 7 feet by 10 feet, with a 10 foot by 10 foot preference if more than one person will be using them. This ensures that you have enough space to put cubes, shelves, etc. on two or three walls, and enough space to easily reach them.

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You can also choose a footprint around 3 by 3 feet to place a chair that can be used for folding laundry or putting on socks. You should also try to leave as much space as possible for a collapsible luggage table, which can be useful when planning a trip.

How much stuff should you keep in your closet?

Your general lifestyle will dictate how much stuff you should keep in your closet and how much space you actually need in total. Take the time to determine exactly how much space you will need to carry out tasks like getting dressed and displaying / planning your wardrobe for the next day.

53 design ideas for the master bedroom closetImage source: Brett Mickan Interior Design

Some people generally put on the first outfit they come across. For other people, however, choosing clothes and accessories is a huge part of their day. Remember that the more items you keep, the more space you will need.

What general functions should your cabinet fulfill?

Master bedroom closets are spaces that are often shared in homes with families with young children. This way, the children can prepare for school at the same time as preparing their parents for work.

65 design ideas for the master bedroom closetImage source: Old World Kitchens & Cabinets

However, when it comes to people who have smaller homes, keeping items like jewelry and other accessories next to their clothes is a great way to stay organized and save time. Regardless of this, every household is different, depending on the functions that a walk-in closet is supposed to fulfill.

Make your closet individual and spacious

Custom made walk-in closets are wonderful additions to master bedrooms that are more modern. They not only create more comfort, but also help with the overall organization of your house. Everything will be able to have its own place in this area.

74 design ideas for the master bedroom closetImage source: Croma Design Inc.

Spacious walk-in closets provide space for items such as chests of drawers, armchairs and stools. These great items can help add more luxury to your home. These spaces also offer smart and stylish ways to create more modern storage compartments such as hanging areas, baskets, organizers, and shelves.

83 design ideas for the master bedroom closetImage source: Oceanside Homes and Remodeling, LLP

Hire a reputable company that specializes in designing cabinets, bathrooms and / or kitchens to equip the space and get a custom setup that takes advantage of every inch of the space. All components are made from high-density melamine or solid wood and not from coated wire or fiberboard.

You also have a wider range of storage options, including shoe racks, jewelry drawers, and wicker baskets, plus accessories that include a lighted makeup station and roll-out ironing boards.

Ventilation, lighting and more

When considering redesigning a closet from scratch, there are a few key features to consider.

Laundry Area: Perhaps the most desirable thing to add to this type of area is a stackable washer and dryer. Generally these units require approximately 24 to 27 inches of wall space.

93 design ideas for the master bedroom closetImage source: Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC

You’ll also need to make sure you have dedicated electrical outlets, as well as a supply of hot and cold water, a waste line, and a few extra feet to use countertops that can be used to fold laundry. Overall, these can add approximately $ 3,500 to $ 5,000 to the total cost of the project.

Lighting: changing rooms always need a lot of light; However, the old bare corded lightbulb is something that doesn’t meet today’s electrical regulations. A contractor is the best person who can tell you about the different code-compatible options, depending on the specifics of your particular project.

104 master bedroom closet design ideasImage source: Kay Wade, cabinet factory

However, the best lighting options include recessed ceiling lights or fluorescent lights that are surface-mounted with protective covers.

Ventilation: It is important to always have air circulating in your closet to keep out odors and moisture that can cling to both clothing and shoes.

151 design ideas for the master bedroom closetImage source: Perfection Custom Cabinets

However, never use windows in your walk-in closet unless the exterior of your home dictates otherwise, as sunlight can not only fade the colors but also degrade the fabric.

Add touches that are decorative

Master bedroom cabinets are also used for additional decorative details such as framed artwork and sculptures. The idea that people want to rest in their master bedroom after a long, busy day can carry over to the walk-in closet.

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In such cases, you can add your own decorative details, such as: B. Shelves, directional lighting, pendant lights and wall lights.

Your multifunctional walk-in closet is much closer than you originally thought! Browse magazines and other design sources for more inspiration for your project.