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Crafts interior design and great decorating ideas

Crafts interior design and great decorating ideas

The arts and crafts and interior design movement brought a breath of fresh air to a world at the turn of the 20th century that was stifled by the heavy ornamentation of the Victorian style.

Before his arrival, the stuffy and heavily embellished decor of the Victorian era had dominated the design world, especially when the Industrial Revolution allowed entrepreneurs to mass-produce popular furniture and furnishings.

Leading thinkers and designers of the time began to regret the loss of unique craftsmanship in this deluge of factory-made clones, giving rise to a movement known as Arts and Crafts Interior Design. The craft houses aim to bring back the uniqueness of furniture, interior design and architecture in general.

As the name suggests, Arts and Crafts home decor makes the craftsmanship the star of their style art, keeping the materials simple and organic. Decorative elements and pieces that have been carefully crafted or handcrafted have regained the lost limelight. Quality was once again king and made the inferior construction of factory-made design goods clear. The Victorian visual overload gave way to quieter, clearer rooms and a typical style of house furniture.

The development of interior design of handicrafts

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But what is art and craft? While Arts and Crafts home decor developed in Europe as a virtual protest against the loss of individuality and quality in the Victorian style, it also gained prominence in America, where families had been looking for simpler and more functional living spaces for some time.

Design legends like William Morris in Great Britain and Gustav Stickley in America shaped the Arts and Crafts movement and rightly restored respect through traditional methods of making furniture and furniture. In fact, Stickley is credited with coining the term “artisan” which is sometimes used to describe the style.

The principles of Arts and Crafts have greatly influenced the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and his trademark use of so-called organic architecture. They also paved the way for the Art Nouveau movement.

The essence and the handcrafted design elements

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What is craft decorating about? It’s the opposite of all things Victorian. The Victorian aesthetic was all about ornamentation. Woodwork was dark, heavy, and heavily decorated. It was supposed to look hand-carved, but was often made in the factory.

Window coverings were layered in an elaborate way, made from soft fabrics such as brocade or velvet and decorated with countless tassels and fringes. The furniture of choice was generally oversized, tufted and upholstered lounges and divans with wood trim.

The walls were lavishly adorned with art, tapestries, and sentimental vignettes, with practically every square inch covered in what is just the opposite of the artisan style house

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The Victorian design ideology wanted not only to decorate rooms, but also to shape the characters of those who occupied them. This excerpt from the introduction of the book Beautiful Homes and How to Make Them, published in 1884, is very telling.

It says there: “There are the thousand little bliss in the form of a pretty bracket here, an artistic jewel of a picture, a statuette or a bust, a wafer-thin curtain … a comfortable chair or a comfortable divan; These are the “traps of the sun’s rays” of both physical and mental character for which such an environment as we have described fills a dwelling. It is sure to be a home where “graces of the spirit, love, joy, meekness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance spread their sweet influence and affect every member of the household.”

The craft house is at the other end of this description.

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In contrast, the Arts and Crafts movement believes in the simple sincerity of style and function. It designs spaces that are functional without being sterile and that are decorated with the calm dignity of superior craftsmanship rather than over-decorating.

For the execution of the interior design of Arts and Crafts, certain principles must be adhered to, which are based on an elaborated principle of the mission style. The main elements of the houses in the craft style are:

1. Wood

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This is the cornerstone of the arts and Decorate and design crafts. Wood shapes the exaltation of movement of organic beauty. Painting over this natural element is a no-no for the Arts and Crafts school, which believes in using rich stains that show rather than hide the attractive and unique grain of the wood.

Oak is the most popular wood among artisans, but pine, maple, and other native species are also common.

2nd color

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Imagine the outdoors and you have the handicrafts color options. It takes inspiration from the rich, earthy hues of wood, stone, bark and foliage. While you can expand your color choices outside of the natural brown, yellow, and green hues, the colors you choose need to be a little warmer to complement the style.

3. Background image

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Richly patterned wallpaper is an easy way to add authentic character to your space, and is also great for DIY craft projects. The design genius of the arts and crafts pioneer William Morris is still available today through wallpaper offers from Morris & Co.

The themes are inspired by nature, with large-format patterns of leaves, fruits, flowers or oriental motifs often being repeated to create a striking effect. If you are unsure whether you want to put an entire wall in such a dominant pattern, consider using it in a frieze or niche.

4. Flooring

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Nature dictates this detail of a typical handicraft house. . Houses decorated in this style use a combination of hardwood (planks or parquet), stone and slate. Natural stone or slate tiles with a wide variety of colors create drama underfoot.

5. Furniture

Unlike the overly ornate furniture of the Victorian era, Arts & Crafts style furniture uses sturdy pieces that perfectly blend form and function. It may wear less jewelry, but the furniture typical of the interior design craft is characterized by the use of superior material, attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship.

6. Lighting

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Beautifully crafted lamps made of glass and mica go perfectly with Arts and Crafts decor for the rich sheen they add to the space. Tiffany lamps – or ones that resemble these iconic pieces – are great choices. Wall lamps are ideal for wall lighting in a unique craft house.

7. Windows

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Stained and leaded glass windows are common in Arts and Crafts architectural plans. They wear jewel-like, simple, geometric patterns that reflect elements from nature.

8. Metal accents

Rich bronze, brass, and copper are the perfect addition to any craft decor. Hammered and distressed surfaces that add a higher level of craftsmanship are additional benefits. What definitely doesn’t work in the room is sleek and shiny steel or chrome.

9. Fireplace

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Another hint of craftsmanship and nature: a fireplace is generally an integral part of the arts and crafts. A handcrafted, carved mantelpiece adds to the authenticity of craft houses.

To stay true to the spirit of Arts and Crafts interior design, one has to celebrate the handmade and avoid the mass-produced. With a little imagination and careful planning, you can definitely achieve the unique interior design look for your space.

When handcraft seems out of reach, choose something that looks like it was handcrafted. Add stenciled and hand-painted details sparingly to the room to make it feel even more authentic in the spirit of the craft. You will soon have a handicraft gem in your home

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