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Choosing the best floor for pet owners

Choosing the best floor for pet owners

Dogs are more than pets – they are our best friends and companions. The least we can do for them is to recognize their loyalty, love and protection by taking them into account in all of our design decisions. After all, dogs spend just as much time in our home as we do and should have all the conditions they need.

One of the key design decisions is choosing an animal-friendly floor. The floor should be made of materials that your dog would love to spend time on, but also of materials that their sharp claws cannot easily damage. Keep your expectations of real dogs who love to smear, scratch, and mess up. It’s up to you to choose a floor where the damage isn’t as obvious and you don’t have to spend a lot of time mopping and wiping.

Check out our list of the best floors for dog owners:

Bamboo floor

Bamboo is the perfect choice for pet-safe floors. The main reason is that bamboo is more resilient than hardwood and can withstand long-term scratches and pollution. Compared to other animal-friendly flooring, bamboo is strong and can withstand frequent movement. After all, this type of flooring is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and costs nothing compared to other floors.

modern family room selection of the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: Warren Architecture, LLC.

There aren’t many downsides when it comes to bamboo floors. However, there are a few things to consider before buying. Bamboo is known to be very waterproof, but not completely waterproof. Another serious risk is scratching. The more time your dog spends on it, the more noticeable these scratches will be. In the worst case, the floor will be deformed (it will dip or shrink) and you will have to replace it.

modern kids choose the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: Marina Rubina

Cork floor

Cork floors are an excellent solution to your green concerns. Your dog will love its antimicrobial properties and the fact that it limits mold growth. We particularly recommend it to owners of noisy dogs (especially those who have more than one dog) as its acoustic benefits can neutralize any buzzing and noise. As long as you clean it regularly, cork floors save you frequent renovations. All in all, a cork floor will help you focus on a dog’s benefits.

mediterranean-home-gym Selection of the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: John Kraemer & Sons

As perfect as it may seem, cork floors have few bad sides. Constant dirt, scratches, soiling or strong sunlight can cause significant damage. Permanent damage can also be caused by heavy furniture. So be sure to think about the rooms that are suitable for this type of flooring.

Modern bedroom Choosing the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: Andrew Snow

Hardwood floors

Sometimes it’s really difficult to strike a balance between good looks and practical considerations. For example, there are people who are absolute fans of sleek hardwood floors, but they avoid using them for their pets. We have good news for you – hardwood can still be a pet friendly flooring option! Constant monitoring of your pet’s behavior is needed to avoid damage and wood stains, or to act quickly if this happens.

rustic bedroom selection of the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: Webber + Studio

You should also do an animal manicure. Your Dog nails should be trimmed correctly and filed with no risky and sharp edges that could scratch your floors. Remember, unless you plan to refinish your floor every 5-10 years, you should do this very often. However, if you don’t have specific decorating ideas, you can go for a slightly more bland texture that can save you money and make the damage less obvious.

traditional conservatory Selection of the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: Jeannie Balsam

Another benefit is that hardwood floors come in many colors, themes, and finishes, some of which can perfectly hide the flaws in your dog’s training.

Ceramic and porcelain floors

Ceramic and porcelain tiles aren’t exactly pet floors. However, we are discussing highly recommended floors for pet owners. The reason for this is the excellent scratch resistance of these materials and the fact that tiles do not have the same absorption capacity as natural stone and other floors. This means that you will be free of moisture and damage (at least for a while).

modern-living-room1 Selection of the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: Rachel Pavilack

Worried about the cold? Few fluffy carpets or a cozy dog ​​bed can solve this problem!

Basically, coldness and discomfort are still at the top of the list of disadvantages. Cats and hamsters may not have a problem with this, but dogs will certainly be upset. So think about underfloor heating, soft carpets or carpets.

Vinyl floors

In certain cases, vinyl flooring turned out to be the best type of flooring for pets. The reason is that it’s cheap and easy to install throughout the home. It’s durable, has incredible absorption capacity, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you don’t have to toggle between luxurious looks and practicality.

contemporary cuisine1 Selection of the best flooring for pet owners

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any disadvantages that need to be considered. Vinyl is eye-catching and strong, and there is a great chance you will feel the need to replace it. In addition, you should be very careful with maintenance as this material is easily damaged by spills and stains.

Stone floor

Stone tile is high on the list of the best floors for dog owners. No wonder – is there anything more durable and damaged than stone? In addition, stone requires little maintenance and modest handling.

contemporary kitchen-1 selection of the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: Charleston Building & Development

However, the price you have to pay to buy stone tiles is the lack of warmth and comfort underfoot. Consider solving this problem with radiant heating systems, carpets, or the mandatory crib for your furry friend.

Laminate floor

contemporary stairs1 Selecting the best floor for pet ownersImage source: Neiman Taber

As popular as laminate floors may be, they have significantly more disadvantages than other animal-friendly floor coverings. The slipping hazard of this material is a real nightmare for your dogs – they have trouble walking or running, which can easily lead to accidents. In addition, the gaps between laminate gaps can become overflow channels and cause permanent damage. For this reason, laminates are always supplied with carpets.

traditional rooms Choosing the best floor for pet ownersImage source: DuPont

Are there any advantages? Of course there is! For example, laminate is perfect for cleaning and “covering” scratches. Overall estimate? Not the best choice for pet owners!

Flooring to Avoid – Carpets

As hard as you try to preserve them, carpets can be damaged and stained. There will be more and more worn spots and it will be obvious that the best days of carpet are long gone.

traditional dining room Selection of the best flooring for pet ownersImage source: Michael Abrams

However, it doesn’t have to mean throwing away your old carpets. Try to adapt your dog to the environment and train him to avoid these areas. Buy dog ​​rugs and cuddles and place them in areas where there is no carpet. Ultimately, your dog learns where to move and avoids the “risky” surfaces.