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Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiors

Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiors

The peach color has been popular for ages, and for good reason too. It’s calming and pleasant to look at, soft and feminine, and goes well with many different colors and shades so it’s not difficult to use for interior decoration.

So what colors does peach make? It’s not all pink, and it’s not all orange either. Probably the color of peaches is closest to the color of coral, but they are not exactly the same.

Another color that peach is sometimes confused with is the apricot color, but again we are talking about two different colors.

Living Room-by-Canon-Dean Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Canon & Dean

All of the above colors are somewhere between pink and orange. The color coral, however, is the pink, peach colors are somewhere in between, while apricot, speaking apricot versus peach, is definitely the orangeest.

Why is the peach color palette so popular?

Psychologists have found that peach orange has a very soft and calming energy and is often associated with childhood and adolescence, as well as love and acceptance. As a result, the peach colors used for the interior decoration are pleasant for many as they create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Another great thing about the color peach pink is the fact that it looks great on its own, but also goes well with other colors, especially other warm tones that bring out the best in peach.

Now you might be wondering what colors go with peach, and we’re going to take a closer look at them now.

Colors that go with peach

Traditional-Dining-Room-by-Kim-Woods Use the peach color to decorate fantastic interiorsImage source: Kim Woods

The color peach is a pastel color that can be combined with many colors, but goes best with other pastel colors and tones. It also balances wonderfully with cooler tones and brings neutrals to life. Here are some of the most popular combinations:

Peach and cyan

Color-Update-of-Seaside-Cottage-by-Decor-Rx-Interior-Design Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Decor Rx interior design

Peach colors go well with all sorts of cyan tones and together create a beautiful, almost tropical and exotic atmosphere. The cool and warm colors balance each other out wonderfully and the effect is calming and stimulating.

No matter which shade of cyan you had in mind, they are all great for the peach color code as well as the color coral. From bluish tones like aqua, celeste, and cerulean to turquoise and greenish tones like mint, sea green, and skobeloff, coral peach goes well with everyone.

Creamy peaches

Misc.-by-Graham-Dunn-Photo Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage Source: Graham Dunn Photo

The combination of peaches and cream is a classic. You can’t go wrong with that. Both the light peach color and the dark peach color go wonderfully with white, beige, eggshell and oatmeal tones.

Not only does your home look cozy and comforting when you surround yourself with this combination, but since it flatters most skin tones, you will look better in a room this decorated too.

Peach layers

Contemporary living room-by-peace design use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Peace design

One of the best ways to decorate a room with peach hues is to simply cover it with other complementary hues like coral orange, coral pink and other coral hues, apricot hues, terracotta, pinks and warm yellows.

3-Meadows-Del-Mar-Occupied-Home-Staging-by-Shelley-Sass-Designs Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Shelley Sass Designs

You are in a warm and stylish home and depending on the colors you choose, you can make these layers of peach work in both rustic and vintage homes, as well as modern homes.

Sharp contrast

Castro-residence-by-the-office-of-Charles-de-Lisle Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Charles de Lisle’s office

Playing with contrast is a great way to bring a room to life. The use of dark gray or black details and accessories combined with peach walls and peach colors creates a bold and dramatic effect.

The sharpness of the black, however, is offset by the softness of the peach, making the overall look modern and edgy, but not too overwhelming.

Peach and gold

Meydenbauer-Residenz-von-Andrea-Braund-Home-Staging-Design Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Andrea Braund Home Staging & Design

Another classic color combination that is specially used for festive occasions such as weddings and the like. Paired together, these two colors look rich and festive and are perfect for spring weddings, anniversaries and the like.

Peach bedroom

byHelen-Design-previous-projects-by-ByHelen-Design Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: ByHelen Design

Different colors of orange, including peach, are often associated with femininity and youth, and at the same time coincide with almost all skin tones. For these reasons and many more, people often choose to decorate their bedrooms with peach.

You want your bedroom to be painted a calming and peppy shade and you will hardly find a better color than peach in this department. Apart from that, soft peach tones add a feeling of romance to the room, while the saturated tones bring out the extravagance in the area.

One of the most popular color combinations for the bedroom is the combination of peach and white or beige. This makes the room look sweet and warm, and the overall atmosphere becomes a little more tender.

Peach nursery

Nursery-by-McCroskey-Interiors Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: McCroskey Interiors

The peach color itself is gender neutral, so it can be a perfect choice for both girls and boys. Orange peach combined with green, yellow or cyan create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the children’s room for boys, while pink peach color in combination with other pastel colors is ideal for girls’ peach rooms.

What color goes with peach when decorating a children’s room? Well, almost any pastel shade is perfect, as are cream and white.

Peach living room

St.-Francis-Wood-San-Francisco-by-Brian-Dittmar-Design-Inc.  Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Brian Dittmar Design, Inc.

When decorating a living room with peach color, the possibilities are almost limitless. It all depends on whether you want a more romantic and cozy style or a modern and edgy style.

Many people believe that creating an edgy environment with a color that is so often associated with childhood and innocence is almost impossible. However, this is not entirely true and it all boils down to the colors you want to pair the peach color with.

If you choose metallic colors like gold or silver, or dark and sharp colors like dark gray and black, you can easily create a modern and impactful environment without making them overly sharp and overwhelming as peach balances out all of these hues.

The-Tavern-by-Vermont-Vernacular-Designs Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Vermont Vernacular Designs

On the other hand, if you want your living room to be more vintage or warm, you can combine your peach with white and cream, with other pastel colors, or with cyan, salmon and coral tones.

If you are unsure of what color is coral, what color is apricot, what color is peach, and what is salmon, the easiest way to understand the difference between these colors is to look at them side by side.

Not only will this help you understand each color better, but you’ll also see how beautiful they look together, which can add an extra dose of inspiration to your living room decor.

Peach cuisine

Vintage-Charm-in-a-Petit-Home-by-Sustainable-Home Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Sustainable home

The peach orange color is a popular choice for decorating kitchens around the world as it is associated with a juicy fruit that we all love, making the color seem kind of delicious.

Another big plus with this color is that a small kitchen really brightens it up and makes it look bigger and more open.

Since the peach color matches both wooden elements and plastic, glass and metals, it can be easily integrated into almost any kitchen.

Peach bathroom

Capitol-Hill-Bathroom-by-Lisa-Leroy Use the peach color to decorate amazing interiorsImage source: Lisa & Leroy

The reason both peach and coral orange hues are common in bathrooms is because of the natural touch these colors have. You want your bathroom to look natural and cozy during your long, soothing baths, don’t you?

Apart from that, it is also great for smaller bathrooms as it visually enlarges the space, creating the illusion of a larger and brighter room.

Aquarella-by-Silver-Sea-Homes use the peach color to decorate fantastic interiorsImage source: Silver Sea Homes

Final thoughts when decorating with a peach color

Peach color is one of the most popular colors for home decorations because it is naturally calming and calming, and it is easy to combine with other colors you may find in your home.

It can range from orange to peach pink and is suitable for almost any room in your home. Depending on the colors you pair it with, it works well for both vintage and modern homes