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Take proper care of the inspired kitchen design: let yourself be inspired

Take proper care of the inspired kitchen design: let yourself be inspired

To make a kitchen beautiful presents many challenges. Often one sees oneself with the entry with kitchens, which one did not select itself (keyword Mietwohnung) and must make the best of what one has. It is not much easier if you start from scratch. In this case, the design starts with the kitchen. You are overwhelmed with the kitchen design? Let our inspire you with great kitchens!

Case 1: rented apartment

If you refer to a rented apartment, the liveability in the kitchen often to be desired. With the right ideas, you can also feel comfortable in the rental kitchen. There is room for a small one table, you can set great accents in a colorless kitchen. For more naturalness wood furniture, If the space is not enough, sometimes a great enough cutting board out Wood, which, staged properly, achieved great effects. Together with fresh herbs, wooden elements bring real living comfort into every otherwise unpretentious kitchen.

Case 2: Everything on top

Here you have to ask yourself a few basic questions. The most important thing: what style should dominate in my kitchen? The Country-style in the kitchen is still very popular and ensures coziness. Modern kitchens They are often easier to clean and look very classy.

If not dining room is available, is eaten in the kitchen. That means: one kitchen table and kitchen chairs have to come here. Or: a kitchen counter with highchairs.

Decorate with food

Decoration from Essen? Sounds weird, but offers nowhere more than in the kitchen. The aforementioned small herb garden provides more naturalness. Artichokes look artful, even red onions have, loosely distributed on the wooden table, a great effect. It always goes: pomegranates! Important: If you decorate with food, it depends on the right staging. Otherwise, it just looks pretty messy.

Make old from old: 3 tricks for quick change in kitchens

  • textiles: Tea towels, seat cushions or even a carpet – Color-coordinated textiles create a round picture and ensure kitchen coziness.
  • Wood highlights: Furniture, Worktop, wooden boards and wooden spoon set in modern kitchens homely accents.
  • In tile fever: Tile stickers and joint paint cover old ones tilingFaux pas or make for exciting wallwhere you can stage your kitchen furniture in a different way.