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Kitchen Islands: inspiration to dream

Kitchen Islands: inspiration to dream

The differences between kitchen island and kitchen block

The kitchen island, or cooking island, is often with the kitchen equated. However, there are fundamental differences: while kitchen blocks are a ready made compilation of kitchen furniture, including all cabinets and built-in appliances, is a kitchen island additional workstation that is free in the room. Most of the kitchen island consists only of base cabinets and one countertop, Especially in a design kitchen, the island kitchens have an additional cooking area or sink. This creates more work and it can be cooked together with the whole family or friends. The additional base cabinets provide for more storage space and thus more order in the kitchen!

Design kitchen made by yourself

It does not always have to be the expensive designer kitchen! Kitchen islands can also be used on a budget just build yourself, Thanks to the variation and combination options of base units and worktops, kitchen islands can be ideally adapted to individual tastes and room conditions.

Important to note

Kitchen islands require additional connections for sinks or electrical appliances. Therefore, it is advisable to specify at the beginning of the kitchen planning, where the island kitchen should be placed. A subsequent extension of the kitchen a kitchen island is often difficult. Of course, a basic requirement for a kitchen island is that there is enough space. After all, you want to be able to walk around the kitchen island and use it sensibly. Open kitchens spacious rooms offer the ideal conditions for kitchen islands. Placed between kitchen and living area, the island kitchen can act as an optical transition and cleverly connects the room parts with each other.