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Dream Kitchen pictures: How to plan your dream kitchen!

Dream Kitchen pictures: How to plan your dream kitchen!

The kitchen planning: from the idea to the dream kitchen

Basically, the design of the kitchens depends on the right combination of design and functionality. A kitchen in timeless white, a rustic kitchen in the Country-style. practical kitchenettes or rather compact modular elements in the kitchen? As long as the central kitchen furniture and electrical appliances like fridge and stove are available, the design freedom is great. Even small or tight kitchens can be comfortably furnished: a folding table fits in everywhere, stacking chairs are brought out as needed.

Big kitchen and big family? Then one is kitchen island ideal, because it will give everyone a place to help. And for all who like to entertain guests, is an open eat-in kitchen ideal: Here you can prepare the next course and still remain in conversation with the round table.

Important points in kitchen planning

When planning the dream kitchen, some important cornerstones in the mind should be considered:

  • How much space do I have available?
  • Which devices need to be accommodated?
  • How much storage space do I need?
  • What do I want to have within reach in everyday life?
  • How do I work in the kitchen and at what height do I need a stove, sink or electrical appliances?

For all kitchens applies: Frequently used should be placed at working height, everything else higher or lower. In addition, floating base cabinets can be a good option to bring more lightness into the classic compact kitchen front. The nuts and bolts in kitchen planning, big or small, are enough storage space to take into account. Because a clever organization system is not only important for the hygienic conditions in the kitchen, it also ensures that you feel really comfortable in the dream kitchen.

kitchen forms

Which form is right for the kitchen, of course, depends on the conditions of the room. Basically, the following forms can be distinguished in kitchen planning:

Become more popular kitchen islands that offer a lot of flexibility and fun cooking. But that does not mean that things are less cheerful in a narrow fitted kitchen. A small counter and barstool invite you to linger. kitchens You often know from rented apartments. As a space-saving kitchen solution, lines can be recommended for almost every kitchen. Depending on the supplier, they are available with or without electronic devices. Open kitchens promote communication and make the space appear larger, because it is not separated from other rooms in a separate room, but is integrated directly into the living space.

Tips for the design of the dream kitchen

In addition to the factors of functionality and space, of course, the design of the kitchen is very important. Matte or glossy fronts achieve different effects depending on the light mood – therefore it is advisable to take home a piece of the front for the kitchen design whenever possible. This also facilitates the choice of a matching wall paint for the dream kitchen.

Who the charm of industrial kitchens likes, opt for kitchen models open cabinet systems and shelves and large industrial lights– so disappears a refrigerator or a washing machine behind the closet door. Even Hoods can be cleverly integrated into kitchens without constantly being in the field of vision. There are very narrow models in modern design, hoods that sink into the kitchen block or variants that can be “dressed up” as a lamp.

kitchen prices

We often wonder why kitchens are so expensive. The price of kitchens is calculated from several criteria. Depending on the number of elements, the material and the shape also changes the price of the desired dream kitchen. It also depends heavily on the manufacturer and designer. Many kitchen portals on the Internet allow you to compare the prices directly, so you can play with materials, electrical appliances and dimensions to turn it around with the help of a virtual kitchen planner. But with cheaper versions caution is advised: the prices are comparatively so high that the purchase must be worthwhile for several years.