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Customize vintage living room decor: how it works!

Customize vintage living room decor: how it works!

Are you in the mood for something out of the ordinary and would you like to combine trends with tradition while living? Then the vintage style, e.g. with furniture in shabby chic, the right thing for you. Vintage is a popular style in the living area. Home accessories and furniture as well as classic designer pieces from past decades are an indispensable part of current furniture and design fairs on living. Find out how you can bring back the flair of yesteryear with furniture in vintage style and shabby chic elements!

What does vintage mean? Vintage describes the trend towards “old, exquisite” products that have proven themselves both in product design and in fashion. Vintage-style furniture can be described as classic furniture, such as armchairs designed for living in the 1930s and 1970s. However, vintage furniture does not necessarily have to be antiques.

The furniture can be found in vintage style either at antique dealers or shops that specialize in vintage. Even flea markets and household resolutions are good ways to detect suitable furniture.

The most popular pieces of furniture are the well-known design elements, shapes and patterns that make living with the style possible:

  • A common example is armchairs like the Cocktail armchair, The shape of the 1950s armchair has become established and is now being redesigned as a chic piece of furniture. Meanwhile, the armchairs are also refurbished and adapted to more modern designs. The typical look of the Shabby Chic can be achieved by appropriate coloring and “used look”.
  • Another seat, which falls into the category Vintage, are the so-called Square stool, These furniture dates back to the mid-20th century, when they were very popular, and can be combined well with the armchair. They are stools with delicate legs, which were usually covered with synthetic leather, velvet or brocade and have a spring core.
  • The epitome of vintage can also be the kidney-shaped table serve. Its asymmetric surface shape, which earned it its name, testifies to the freer mindset in art and design in the mid-19th century. Its narrow, slightly sloping table legs and its shimmering opal layer make this vintage piece of furniture the highlight of any living room interior.
  • Also in the field of Chests of drawers and cabinets you can find various furniture in vintage style. A dresser made of rosewood wood is a common representative. Slanted legs are also featured on vintage furniture in this category. Traces of wear and patina on dresser or cabinet are intentional and authentic for the Shabby style.
  • In the field of to shine the tulip lamp and bag lamp are on the rise again. These lights are ideal for living, as the vintage style can be combined with a different style when decorating.

For decoration and authentic underpinning, popular accessories from this era can be found in junk shops: Old turntables, portable radios, trolley makes the living style complete. Equally suitable and popular are those specimens that are now being reworked in the style of Shabby Chics.

Those who prefer to do their own DIY instead of buying, will be happy, because DIY is definitely allowed for vintage style! Old wooden furniture can be sanded down to live, repainted and spread its charm as furniture in shabby chic. As well as used iron beds, which, prepared with intentional signs of rust and wear, become contemporary witnesses.