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5 powerful ways to modernize your office

5 powerful ways to modernize your office

Most people spend an average of around 92,000 hours at work or in the office. Creating a happy environment makes happy employees, so it is important to improve the quality and efficiency of the work done. Therefore, modernizing your work environment is essential.

  1. Bright colors – A small amount of paint can make a big impact on a boring old office, even if you just splash a little paint on a wall to make it a feature, peace makes all the difference. It is believed that the color blue can promote productivity and a feeling of calm or serenity. Red can evoke feelings of warmth, love, comfort, and even excitement. It’s even considered fun, just another way to brighten up the office.

Green was found to improve people’s reading skills, which allows them to read faster and understand more at the same time.

Green is also known for its calming effects, much like blue. Experts believe that working in a green space can ensure you have less stomach ache, too.

Yellow, a bright and cheerfully warm color, but experts believe that this color causes feelings of frustration and anger. It can also be eye fatigue due to the amount of reflected light, so this color should be avoided in the work environment.

  1. Custom-made furniture – Upgrading your current office furniture, which may be old and outdated or just plain ugly, is an important way to improve your office environment. It is recommended that you bring new, stylish, and modern furniture bespoke furniture is the best way to do this.

Barton Bespoke offers new and modern stools, sofas, conference chairs, armchairs and more to freshen up your office.

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Another aspect to consider when choosing furniture for your office is quality. Barton Bespoke furniture has been made for the last 20 yearsth 17th century, producing ammunition boxes during World War I, bespoke furniture is the best quality furniture you can find today, made and manufactured by experts.

  1. Plants – Plants are the best way to brighten up a boring office and bring the outside inside. Studies have shown that placing plants in work environments can reduce stress among workers. A 2010 study collected results showing a 37% decrease in reported tension and anxiety, a 58% decrease in depression or depression, a 44% decrease in anger and hostility, and a 38% decrease in fatigue % included. Green is also known as a calming color.

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Plants can help increase productivity. A 2014 study by the University of Exeter concluded that adding one plant per square meter improved basic memory storage and allowed workers to do better on simple tests, explained researcher Dr. Chris Knight. “The important thing was that everyone could see a plant from their desk,” Knight told The Guardian.

  1. Sunshine – By adding nature into your office through lots of windows and beautiful greenery, it can be a valuable source of vitamin D and ensure employees get a good night’s sleep so they can work nice and energetic the next day. One study conducted found that out of 49 people, 22 who worked near windows had a much better sense of health.

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  1. Wall Art – May sound unnecessary, but adding inexpensive wall art can help modernize your work environment, even budget hotels have it. Adding playful vinyls or even murals can help brighten and freshen up the office. For a more sophisticated feel, it can be helpful to opt for elegant frames and also hang them in prominent places. Many modern offices also have blackboard paint or just whiteboard paper in meeting rooms for exchanging ideas.


Spicing up your office a bit with little details here and there can result in a happy work environment and you won’t be scared of going to work so much.