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Mirror cabinet – Pictures & Ideas

Mirror cabinet – Pictures & Ideas

Why should one buy a mirror cabinet?

A mirror cabinet has many advantages, because directly above the sink creates a opaque storage space with additional mirror function, Integrated light sources provide one direct lighting from the front and throw in contrast to the ceiling light no unpleasant shadows. For example, cosmetics, shower gel & Co. can be concealed behind the doors in the mirror cabinet, while the daily facial care program can be successfully completed thanks to the lighting and mirrored doors. More exquisite models can even boast an integrated sound system and light switches that react via the sensor.

In particular, small bathrooms benefit from this piece of furniture because it fulfills several functions at once and optimally utilizes the given space.

Which models are available?

Mirror cabinets are made either Plastic, metal, MDF or solid wood manufactured. Of course, there are also many models of material combinations. For a uniform look in the bathroom mirror cabinets are also often offered to match existing bathroom furniture. Just inquire at retail or look for matching sets.

Another subdivision is done via the Number of doors: Depending on the space available and the size required, the cabinets are available from 1-door, 2-door to multi-door.

As another criterion one should consider which ones depth the mirror cabinet should have: In small bathrooms rather flat mirror cabinets in question, while more space in the bathroom larger models can be selected.

Additionally you should look over the Number of shelves and the lights you want to think about: between dimmable light, LED lighting and colored lighting, the choice is great.

How is a mirror cabinet mounted?

It depends on the chosen model, the wall and the wall cladding.

As a rule, the mirror cabinet can be attached with dowels and screws, which are often included with the delivery. However, the nature of the wall also requires a corresponding preparation. For example, a tiled wall requires a corresponding drill and a certain speed. Detailed information and advice are needed here. In addition, the must Electronics (sockets, lighting) must be professionally installed and connected This should be done by a specialist, if only so as not to jeopardize the dangerous connection of wet cell and electricity.