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Pick your double bed dimensions

Pick your double bed dimensions

Due to the technological advancements are the rise of population in the past few years, the markets have grown a lot with people having different desires and wants these days. The Bed industry has been also effected in the same way. People these days have different desires and needs when inquiring about the bed they want to have in their rooms and so bed manufacturing brands like IKEA etc. have come up with many different models and sizes of beds suiting to the consumer’s needs and wants.

The Standard single bed is mostly used for elder children and for small spaced rooms and for sometimes single adults who live in a one room apartment. Its dimensions are measured as 6feet 3 inches long and 3 feet wide.

This bed size is becoming more popular and popular among the middle class as compared to the standard double bed as it is 6 inches narrower than the standard double bed making its dimensions as 6 feet 3 inches long and 4 feet wide. This bed size is becoming of much greater use for teenagers and young adults to use and to place them in spare rooms for guests.

The Standard double bed is the most commonly used and widely available bed size up to date with its spacious 4 feet 6inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long dimensions, it becomes the most suitable option to place in a bedroom for young adults and in some cases for couples too.

This bed size is more suitable for tall consumers for not having their toes fall out of bed. With its spacious dimensions of 5 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long, the king sized bed holds the major market share for tall adults.

This terminology was developed by the Americans and is also more commonly referred to as the king size too. The UK queen size is quite more spacious than the American king size with its 183cm width and 192cm length. It becomes the perfect bed size for adult couples.