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Design bathroom tiles: Discover trends & tricks

Design bathroom tiles: Discover trends & tricks

Bathroom tiles, especially the floor tiles, have to be robust due to the high humidity in the room. The time of the brown, sturdy tiles in the style of the 1980s is passé: There is now a huge selection of tiles for the bathroom, If you want to play it safe with the tiles in the bathroom, you should choose a neutral and timeless design. Even with tiles in natural stone look you can not go wrong, because they can be wonderfully combined with any interior design style.

Lay mosaics of tiles

If you opt for mosaic tiles, there are incredibly diverse design options with colors, shapes and combinations. Whether in large-scale use or to highlight individual areas – mosaic tiles are a very individual design element for the wet area.

The bathroom as an overall concept

With the bathroom tiles alone, it is not yet done – some tiles need the help of the device to fully develop their visual impact. For example, black tiles are very dark at first, but they can look very elegant thanks to light wood elements and white accessories.

Make old from old: 5 tips for easy remodeling of your old tiles

It does not always have to be a complete refurbishment. Even with small (and cheaper) changes, you can achieve a lot.

  • With tile sheet you change the overall look of your bath and unsightly patterns or flash To dye are simply covered! You can choose cool looks that range from monochrome to fancy patterns. Some suppliers cut the film to the size of your tiles with millimeter accuracy, so you only have to glue. The tiles must be carefully cleaned beforehand, so that you can keep something of your new one for a long time bathOptics have.
  • Another trick is more special tile paintwhich you simply apply to your old ceramic tiles. For this you do not have to sand the tiles, nor apply a primer. Clean walls, paint, done! //Tip: Definitely clarify in advance with the landlord. It will not mind in most cases, but it is an intrusion into the building, so permission is needed.
  • Put do not forget! Also what is between the bathroom tiles, determines the look of your bathroom. To renew these there are joint color, which brings gray joints back to fruition, makes beautiful white while protecting against mold.