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Bathtub design ideas that you will love

Bathtub design ideas that you will love

When the work week ends, Friday comes and the only thing you dream about is relaxation. There is nothing like a good, hot bath with foam.

Some reviewers may say you can shower too, but things like that are beyond compare!

Foam with glitter and pieces of foam with a sweet scent flying over the surface of the water is almost like a spa, but you are at home and can enjoy it for as long as you want!

If you’re moving to another house or just want to spice up an existing one, the bathroom is one of the most important things to think about.

Whether you live in a huge castle or just in a cozy little house, the bathroom is something very personal and you should make sure that every single element in this room suits your unique needs and that the design reflects your overall personality.

Some people might say it’s just a place to tidy up, but honestly it’s more like a place where you never pretend to be someone else and everything should be quiet.


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Image source: DRT Custom Homes & Renovations Inc.

Everyday life is pretty exhausting. At the end of the day you come home, shower and sleep. It’s like a movie with a pretty expected result, but there’s still something you can change to suit yourself!

When the day is over, you might feel like an eighteenth-century queen or king relaxing in a claw-foot tub, especially if the colors of your bathroom are truly regal.

The royal bathroom is just one of many possible options that you can choose from. You probably want a bathroom with some modern features. Ideas for bathtubs today have almost no limits.

Drop-in style

Among all the variations available in bathtub design, there is one that can be applied to any style you can ever think of. Whether you want to create something luxurious royal or are more on the cutting edge of modern design, the drop-in style is the go-to option for you.

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Image source: Patrick Ahearn architect

Because of the specifics of its installation and construction, you can add a deep soaking tub to all types of interiors and decorate the space around this tub in many different ways with glossy or matte tiles. You can also add a step or two near the tub.

Bath, shower

Why do you hesitate to choose a shower or a bathtub? You can have it all in one! The color spectrum is very wide, so you get exactly what suits you perfectly. Built-in models are one of the most popular.

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Image source: Amrari Design Group

Freestanding bathtub

Freestanding bathtub looks incredibly opulent! It takes up more space than traditional ones, but it’s definitely worth it! It will make any bathroom look really lavish.

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Image source: Christian Gladu Design

Classic slipper

If you want something vintage, you might prefer a slipper tub. You can also add some sort of niche so that everything you need is within easy reach. Fill the niche with bottles of your favorite salts and bath foam.

Image-6 Bathtub Design Ideas You Will Love
Image source: Architect Mason Kirby Inc.

Standard niche bath

At first glance it might seem pretty regular, but you can spice it up by adding a sliding glass door or tiling the wall behind with bright colors.

The claw foot bathtub

We live in a very fast moving world with all of its conveniences and benefits, but sometimes it feels like our everyday life is missing something meaningful. The normal bathtub will definitely look fine, but why don’t we jazz up?

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Image source: Chris Snook

Just think of a claw foot tub that can transport you back in time to Victorian times with all its opulence and regal glamor. Such an option may seem quite dated and old-fashioned to many of us, but this tub creates a very sleek overall look. It also goes without saying that the finish and attachment of the feet is entirely up to you.

Mix of contemporary and functional

Nowadays there is a wide range of options for bathtub design. Each person chooses the best one that suits their needs. If you are happy parents, have a dog, or just like simple and practical things, the niche bath can be your go-to. Even if it doesn’t look very extravagant or opulent, there are a few elements you can add to the overall design that create a perfect mix of chic and performance.

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Image Source: Through the Lens Pty Ltd.

The whirlpool bath

If you are wondering what a combination of comfort, luxury and functionality would look like, we have the answer for you! Would you like to get everything in one – opt for a whirlpool bathtub. It can be decorated with wood, free-standing or with a niche design, while maintaining all of the above functions. Another important thing about this type of bathtub: it is perfect for people with joint and bone problems as you can relax in the hot tub as if you were in the spa!

In the spotlight

If you’re lucky enough to have a window in a bathroom, you can put the tub just below it in the spotlight. Even if the tub itself is tiled in the same color as the rest of the room, it still looks very elegant.

Image-9 Bathtub Design Ideas You Will Love
Image source: Studio R Squared
Undermount tub

You can enjoy the look of your backyard or flower beds while indulging in the hot bathroom that shimmers under foam if you opt for a tub with a tub mounted. Designs can vary from stone to wood panels. You can also install faucets in the center so that there is enough space for two people.

The walk-in bathtub

People with limited abilities sometimes have difficulty in everyday situations, but now this problem can be easily resolved. Uncomfortable situations can be avoided by opting for a walk-in bathtub. It looks and works practically the same as an ordinary one, but has a door on the side that seals behind a person.

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Image source: Re-Bath from Wichita

This type of tub can also be lightened with a seat to provide more comfort to the user. This option is perfect for those who used to need help bathing but can now easily join in without help.

Freestanding luxury

If you want your bathroom to look really sophisticated and chic, consider a freestanding bathtub. Since it doesn’t require any outside support, you can place it in the middle of your bathroom as if it were a work of art. You can also complement this lavish look with light colored feet like brass or silver.

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Image source: Axiom luxury real estate

This way you can create a romantic look close to the Victorian period. However, you can also choose a flat-bottomed tub that looks very modern and state-of-the-art. A variety of forms are numerous.

The Japanese tub

The Japanese value comfort and quality, so bathing is a real ritual for them and it’s definitely not about a 3-minute quick shower. The main differentiator of the Japanese tub is the depth of the basin, which probably doesn’t seem too small.

Home Spa

You don’t necessarily have to visit the spa to relax. You can just install a hot tub in your own bathroom and relax whenever you want. You can also choose a tub with additional water and air jets.

Image-12 Bathtub Design Ideas You'll Love
Image source: Julie Williams Design

The Roman bathtub

The name of the Roman tub comes from Rome, nothing special is hidden behind this name. This type of tub is unique because of the faucet mounting. Faucets are not installed on the side of the bathtub but are attached to the deck. Another differentiator is that Roman bathtubs are usually larger than traditional ones found in most American homes. So there is enough space for two people, especially if you want to take a long, relaxing bath after a hard week at work.

Cast iron pan

Another option is the cast iron tub, which adds a bit of vintage to the general look of the bathroom, especially if you opt for a freestanding bathtub.

Image-13 Bathtub Design Ideas You Will Love
Image source: Penhaglion Inc.

The garden bathtub

Originally, garden bathtubs were popular in France, placed right in the gardens to delight the eyes with the flowers and blossoms. Nowadays this idea has been kept in large bathtubs just below the large window. If you want to keep that calm look in the bathroom, add a few plants and make sure there is enough light.

The Greek bathtub

The Greeks definitely knew the ropes in hydrotherapy and self-pampering. That is why the Greek tub is the true embodiment of pleasure. Similar to the Japanese, Greek tubs are also very deep, especially when compared to traditional ones.

Image-14 Bathtub Design Ideas You Will Love
Image source: Ron Brenner Architects


Endless bathtub ideas give you many options that perfectly suit your needs. You can choose luxury or comfort, functionality or extravagance, or sometimes even all in one!

We devote a lot of time to work, family, children and other everyday things. Don’t we deserve some time to relax and pamper yourself at the end of the day? Of course we do. It’s up to you which bath design you choose: a charming claw foot tub with brass feet, a flat-bottomed tub in the center of the room, a garden tub to enjoy the view of your pristine flower beds, or a tub with Air and water jets that help relax your muscles and relieve tension.

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Image source: Robeson design

Of course, bathtubs are not just about aesthetics. Some bathtub designs are very practical like a walk-in bathtub. No matter what you choose, the main goal is to pamper yourself with something pleasant that you really deserve.