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Vanity unit with basin: Creative Ideas for the Bathroom!

Vanity unit with basin: Creative Ideas for the Bathroom!

Sink and vanities

Sinks and vanities are among the basics of bathroom equipment. In common usage washbasins are often equated with base cabinets, which are provided with recessed sinks. In fact, this type of table is a vanity unit with additional storage space. In the narrower sense, the terms in the jargon fundamentally refer to the same object with the same function.


Sinks and vanities are quite classic ceramics manufactured. This material convinces the robustness and the easy cleaning. Even against scouring the material is insensitive.

Of course, other materials can be chosen at will. So, too Glass, plastic or steel enamel question. For a minimalist look, a vanity is also suitable Stainless steel or concrete, Washbasins are perfect for country style Wood or natural stone,

In order not to damage the material, depending on the production method used only certain cleaning products in question. In addition, some materials are more sensitive than others and have faster scratches. Here it is important to find out in advance and to weigh up which price-performance ratio suits your own requirements.


Depending on the type of washbasin, there are various possibilities for installation. Most of the Sinks and vanities are mounted on the wall in a classic way using special screws. With a suitable base cabinet there are additional options to set up the sink or to let it into the cabinet. Before deciding on an option, the necessary connections must be present.


If the bathroom is to be designed in a uniform look, there are complete series in the specialist trade where washbasins and bathroom furniture are coordinated. If you want to implement a uniform look in a small arrangement, a vanity with matching cabinet is a good choice. Of course, however, it is also possible to set an accent directly with the washbasin: a variety of design variants and designer pieces make this possible. From round to oval to square or asymmetrical, everything can be found!

hand basin

A hand basin is mainly used in guest toilets. That’s it hand basin minimized in size and has a maximum width of 55 centimeters. This is particularly space-saving and allows the integration of a hand wash basin even in confined spaces. In order to take full advantage of the local conditions, there are also small hand wash basins specially designed for corners in the bathroom.

top washbasin

Basins used to refer to basins are freestanding mounted on the table top in the bathroom. Often same top washbasin a round wash basin, but are also available in various other forms.