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Choose your interior style

Choose your interior style

Before you start any design project for your or your client’s home, you should choose your interior design style. What do you like?

Which solution would look best in your room? Regardless of whether you are designing a bungalow, studio or villa, you should choose something comfortable that suits the conditions in which you will work.

But what is your decorating style? The question is pretty challenging, especially when you’re designing your first home.

There are many important decisions to be made, many of which pose a serious risk of making the wrong choice and creating an overwhelming place instead of a relaxing and homely haven.

Choose your interior design style6 Choose your interior design styleImage source: NSI Design Ltd.

What most of us do in situations like this is to choose the most common and safest solution, which often disappoints us because we didn’t do it the way we should.

And it’s not just true for first-time home owners: almost all of us make decisions like this more expeditiously and consider far more options than we should.

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It’s the same when we start and start over, which is why a bit of guidance through the process is always welcome.

Use our tips to find out what you like so as not to get confused and opt for something that you are not comfortable with.

Opinions are important and you should always pay more attention to your preferences than prescribed styles and recommendations.

Count your budget

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First, figure out exactly how much you can spend. If it is not possible to decorate the entire house at once, choose the room that needs it most and stick with it. This gives you time and ideas for the rest of the rooms.

Resist matching recommendations

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One thing retail stores do with incredible passion is bringing things together and displaying them that way to spread the idea that all the pieces have to fit together for the space to look beautiful.

Obviously, it works as an amazing strategy for selling furniture in sets as unfortunately most of us follow the flow.

As beautiful as the sets are, you can always choose your own stylish pieces and recreate the look of the showroom generic, only this time it looks a lot more personal and anything but boring.

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The only things that you actually need to follow are scale, proportions and balance, for both the basic elements and the accessories. For example, limit large furniture in rooms with modest ceilings (15 × 5 maximum for 8 foot ceilings) and choose delicate, preferably round, tables.

The bedroom comes first

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While it’s usually not on the priority list, most of your time at home is spent in the bedroom. If there is not enough budget for experimentation, start with the bedding and only accept excellent quality.

Whatever you can afford here, buy it – that difference matters to both your mood and your health. Then repaint the walls to complement the look and add the appropriate window treatments.

Choose your interior design style2 Choose your interior design styleImage source: Sticks and Stones Design Group Inc.

If you’re an early riser, go for light or sheer ones and add a deeper curtain to cover the light if you want to stay in bed longer.

Settling in the bed you’ve always wanted is not a bad idea – your sleeping area is the mirror of your personality, in a place where you can feel comfortable for years and where you can truly be yourself.

Buy piece by piece

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Most people fit out the house even before they even live there, but that’s not the best way to find out what the place actually needs.

Spending two months in a modestly decorated place will reveal all the pros and cons and reveal the real picture of what life actually feels like there.

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At the moment it might look like you have to spend $ 5,000 on entertainment areas, but the lack of basic functionality in the master bedroom shows you what priorities are being set.

Use color to create a visual connection

Choose your interior design style4 Choose your interior design styleImage source: Laura Wilmerding Interiors

The magic of color is that it can overcome even the worst, extremely insurmountable problems in new and old homes. What’s even better, it does it in an economical way and applies to all aspects of interior design.

For example, if you re-cover the outdated sofa it will look comfortable and modern, while the walls will be repainted in a dominant color to give the room a completely different feel.

The best way is to play the similitude game and choose a uniform color that will appear in most of the room.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the color of the wall or the color of your furniture – most of the time it is enough to use it for curtains, carpets and similar accessories – the message is more than clear and the result even more breathtaking.

Create your own palette

Choose your interior design style5 Choose your interior design styleImage source: David Coulson Design Ltd.

People will tell you a lot about painting. Some of them insist on you dragging a pallet to the floor while others are even more persistent in trying to convince you to start with the accessories.

Let’s say the best way to choose the colors is to look at the item you love the most and combine other colors with it.

Choose your interior design style13 Choose your interior design styleImage source: Fiona Watkins Design Limited

You can be as personal as you want – if this yellow work of art is what you’ve dreamed of for years, let the choice be yours. If there’s a color you just love, let it do the same.

Once the palette is done the rest of the decorations just pop out and you get great ideas on how to invest in the other pieces or paint accent points.

Diversity is a good thing in interior design because it allows you to change the whole look of the room without spending a fortune.

Measure it

Choose your interior design style8 Choose your interior design styleImage source:
Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding

Before you start shopping, measure the location and consider all aspects including stairs, doors, elevator openings, etc. Take notes and take them with you when you go shopping.

Here it is important to keep the size of the furniture commensurate with the ceiling size and remember that large ceilings always make it look smaller than it is.

Avoid sets unless you are really impressed with them. Before buying anything, think about whether it has any connection with your personality.

Let’s suggest some interesting ideas to consider in your modern design project:

  • Keep the lines clean
  • Rather educate function
  • Do not overdo it with accessories and decorations
  • Minimize the use of texture
  • Try to find an asymmetrical balance, both for the layouts and for the furniture.

Ideas for contemporary designed houses:

  • Keep an eye on trends
  • Keep it bold but not overdone
  • Look at the negative space to know what furniture will look like
  • Prefer clean, smooth and ideally correct geometric shapes.
  • Decide on the most unique piece you can find.

Ideas for minimalist houses:

  • Use only cool colors or at least light up the colors you have with blue.
  • The room should be large and open and not contain large furniture that could interfere with tranquility.
  • The amount should just be ideal.
  • Storage makes or breaks minimalism.
  • If possible, give preference to natural light over artificial light.

Tips for classic houses:

  • The place should be orderly, symmetrical and balanced.
  • There should be an impressive focal point that the rest of the furniture can be associated with.
  • Materials and colors are strictly natural.
  • Elegance is the priority.

Art Deco style houses:

  • Demanding and glamorous.
  • Lacquered wood is a preferred material, as is industrial metal
  • Black is the main color, or at least the background color.
  • There are numerous light sources.
  • Patterns are heavy, vivid, and bold.
  • The place is over-decorated and made conscious.

Retro style houses:

  • They apply when an existing style / theme is intentionally replicated.
  • Materials are mixed in a variety of ways.
  • Classic objects.
  • The subject shouldn’t be immediately apparent.

Rococo style interior design projects:

  • Rich and deliberately exaggerated
  • A multitude of decorative elements that make one wonder a lot
  • Impressive gold plaster work as a contrast to the neutral and pastel colored walls.
  • The mandatory ornate mirrors.
  • All around expensive materials, especially mahogany and teak.
  • No clear lines, but ovals, curves and spirals are preferred.