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Rocking Chair Inspiration: Relaxing Ideas

Rocking Chair Inspiration: Relaxing Ideas

He’s the grandfather among the seats, a dapper older man with fashionable suspenders and a mischievous grin on his face: the rocking chair. Unruffled and without arrogance, a rocking chair combines pleasure with practicality.

The origin of the rocking chair

Rocking chairs were first used in the mid-seventeenth century in the southern states of America: after hard work as a cowboy or on the field, the Pilgrim Fathers made it their way Shaker rocking chairs out rattan comfortable, chewing a cereal branch behind the ear and happily chewing on the chewing tobacco. Even without a cowboy hat or rattan rocking chairs still promise today Relaxation, everyday breaks and leisure activities.

Do not be fooled!

Whether rattan, beech or other wood, a crocheted rocking chair, an ergonomic swing armchair or a modern one Eames Chair with runners: who decides on a rocking chair, should make sure that the furniture is high quality and well made. If it squeaks and creaks while rocking, the relaxation factor is quickly gone.

Whether classic rocking chair, swinging armchair or relaxing chair: Rocking chairs are available in many different versions. The most common models of the family of relaxation furniture we present here:

The classic rocking chair

The classic of the swinging mobile home promises relaxation in style and looks forward to a sweeping fireplace as well as in pastel colors Baby rooms, Here is also the origin of our fascination for this piece of furniture: the shallow movement evokes memories of our earliest childhood. In the classic rocking chair, curved skids are fixed below the seat, which allow the rocking movements. Depending on padding can also be a rocking armchair be the talk.

The swinging chair

Swing armchair – the modern variation of the rocking chair: resilient legs, which allow a certain range of motion, replace the curved runners. A big difference, which results from the fact that the entire legs have continuous ground contact. It is the seat that makes this type of rocking chair vibrate. In the swinging armchair it is tilts rather than rocking.

Relax chair

A relax chair or Relaxsessel promises deep relaxation for those who think of seasickness and nausea in rocking chairs: come to rest without movement. A relax chair is generally a well-padded lounge chair, with a frequently extended seat or matching stool: putting your feet up is a must!