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Discover Shabby Chic: ideas for interior design style!

Discover Shabby Chic: ideas for interior design style!

What is Shabby Chic?

The British stylist Rachel Ashwell opened a shop in California in 1989, where she sold beloved finds from the flea market, heirlooms and individual new items – including furniture -. So she jumped on a trend that emerged in England in the 80s as a countermovement to the pompous Victorian style.

Shabby Chic called them the new style of furnishing, very rustic and in basic elements Vintage style remind. However, the shabby chic style looks a bit “unfinished” and rougher than the country-house style, yet softer than vintage. Furniture with traces of life and patina exude nostalgia and charm. Because the signs of use make each piece of furniture unique. Longevity and quality of the furniture are appreciated, one deliberately decides to set up with already used or breathe new life into a piece of furniture. Scratches and signs of aging express the uniqueness and history of the piece of furniture.

Everything revolves around the furniture:

Furniture, furniture, furniture – The equipment is indeed very important in shabby chic, because old things are being redrawn: flea market finds and old furniture are lovingly restored and artfully arranged, because the chic puts coziness and individuality first. In the meantime, many of the furniture’s characteristic traces of use are even artificially induced, such as rust or chipped paint. Furniture made of coarse untreated wood has particularly stood out, as the traces are quickly becoming visible here. The love of the imperfect and the natural is expressed in the living by the signs of wear of the furniture strongly.

Decorating in shabby chic

In combination with eye-catching, hand-crafted ornaments, the Shabby Chic interior becomes something very special. Accessories, lace and dazzling materials as a decorative accent complete the Shabby Chic. Silk, velvet and bobbin lace contrasts natural materials such as linen and leather. Lace bobbins meet cotton doilies, crystal chandeliers meet driftwood and blown glass meets brass. Farmer’s silver and zinc are also used. The love of detail is particularly characteristic of this style: ornaments and detailed illustrations of the flora and fauna are expressed in many motifs. Toile-de-Jouy is often represented in the decoration Paisley pattern, Wallpaper and prints with floral patterns are also an important design element, which should be selected in addition to the piece of furniture.

The color palette is in soft tones: white, cream, subtle gray and pastel colors are the main exponents. In addition, similar to the Country-style, gentle natural tones in contrast to the accents of metal, silver and glass. Shrill colors are rarely found in this style. In addition, the shabby chic style can be combined in a mix with other styles due to the similarity to the country house style and the vintage look. This creates a very individual look.

Where can you find the furniture?

Suitable furniture to furnish you in style, are often found in Antique shops or at flea markets, In general, the furniture consists of ragged individual pieces and no set of furniture, so your own creativity can be given free rein – the more original, the better! If you combine the furniture with the characteristic traces of use with historical valuables as decoration, it becomes even more authentic: A candlestick made of old silver or a vase made of cut glass are particularly effective on an antique chest of drawers.

Making furniture in shabby chic yourself

With some time, the right instructions and the right tools, old furniture can be given a new lease of life. Roughly ground, painted in old white and decorated with vintage brass knobs, the new, old piece of furniture embodies the epitome of shabby chic. By the Upcycling It is also possible to reuse discarded furniture – thus also protecting the environment!

In summary, living in shabby chic combines nostalgic charm with a feminine touch. Tender pastel is combined with natural materials and artistic accessories as decoration meet characteristic, old utensils from the junk. With the Shabby Chic style you are guaranteed a cozy atmosphere to live! Whether it starts with a tour of the flea market and the search for the appropriate piece of furniture or the restoration of an old chest of drawers.