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Scandinavian design ideas: how it works!

Scandinavian design ideas: how it works!

Nature bond and clear forms

The love of nature is unmistakable in the Nordic decorating style. The designers like to pick up on their products Wood from local forests like spruce, birch or pine Back. For furniture and home accessories, a lot of value is on the whole natural products. sustainability and Handwork placed. Thus, the designer’s furniture reminds Finnish architects and designers Alvar Aalto Among other things, the shapes of Finnish lakes and the increased use of wood and bright colors reflects the with nature the Scandinavian again. Aalto is regarded as a pioneer of Finnish architecture and shaped the style of Scandinavian design with his style. Also the work of his Danish colleague Arne Jacobsen, which put a lot of emphasis on functionality, has a big impact on the Nordic style of furnishing that we know today.

Organic shapes, natural materials and clear shapes are characteristic of the reduced, no-frills design of the Nordic furnishing style. Furniture and home accessories are always straightforward and simple, without being inconspicuous and boring – always with a practical aspect or a specific function. Completely according to the principles of Bauhaus and the Chicago School,

Scandinavian Design Ideas: Bright colors and lots of light

The long dark winters arouse the need for a lot of light and bright rooms with the Scandinavians. Next pastel colors are radiant colors that are reminiscent of sunshine and flower meadows in summer. Colorful patterned textileslike linen or cotton with graphic patterns or motifs from nature are just as popular as illustrations of mythical creatures on porcelain and glass. A successful blend of modernity and tradition is the charm of the Scandinavian style.

Nice furniture for everyone

In addition to the stylized design and the functionality Another aspect of Scandinavian design is the desire to make the products accessible to a wide audience. The best example of implementation is, of course, the Swedish furniture chain IKEA¬†whose Billys, Pax ‘and Ektorp sofas are found all over the world in millions of flats. The exciting history of the furniture store can be seen in the IKEA Museum in Sweden. The best ones show you how to craft creative individual pieces from the popular IKEA bestsellers IKEA hacks,