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House walkway and patio ideas illustrated with pictures

House walkway and patio ideas illustrated with pictures

Make the most of the warm weather by flooding your outdoor living space with an additional patio. Lying in the sun, curled up with a favorite book, or meeting friends under a starry sky is what summer is all about. Putting in a terrace doesn’t cost much and you get a quick return on your investment by building a treasure trove of wonderful family memories summer after summer.

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Outside areas – terraces, sidewalks and landscapes – set the tone for what awaits guests inside. Hence, the design requires some care and planning. An aesthetically pleasing front yard and walkway are critical to the appeal of the curb, which immediately adds value to your property. And when you expand that love and attention to every other part of your outdoor space, home ownership shows up.


This is the key to creating a magical outdoor harbor. How to get started:

get inspired

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There are plenty of online resources and magazines available to search for ideas and inspiration for the patio. Check out the pictures of the house terrace to see how others have incorporated it into their properties. If you have a pool in your yard, you can create a comfortable space to relax by building a deck between dips. Or you can build a winding walkway and nestle a terrace in the most attractive part of your garden to create a relaxing retreat.

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If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, a deck with an outdoor kitchen and grill just next to the house means you can’t walk too far to prepare cooking utensils. The possibilities are endless, as are photos of the patio and sidewalk ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Card it

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It may sound boring, but this is an essential step. Draw the existing landscape on graph paper, including the house, tall trees, and walkways. Consider the lines of sight of windows and doors in your home and how your proposed project might alter them. This is a great way to accurately visualize your property and identify areas to avoid – for example, near underground utilities and large trees whose roots can cause problems.

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Study the sun exposure and determine what time of day your family is most likely to use the new outdoor space. If the best location is southwest facing you need to add something that will provide some protection from the sun. Now draw the changed layout on a separate sheet and work towards a finished design with an accuracy of 1 inch on the paper.

Complement your home

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When planning, research into materials that complement the architectural style of your home. The new terrace or sidewalk should ideally look like it has always been there. Therefore, choosing the right materials is critical. For example, paving stones give a classic, worn look.

Smoother patio materials look more contemporary and may be a better choice if you have family or friends who use wheelchairs or walking aids. Or you can spice things up with colored concrete paving stones. However, always keep in mind the colors of the exterior and cladding of your home so that you choose a palette that goes well with you.

Coordinate with the neighbors

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While you don’t have to duplicate what your neighbors did, keeping a similar theme in the design gives the entire street a cohesive feel that adds to its charm. Use similar plants and design elements such as bars, fences, decorative rocks, and walls to create a visual link to neighboring homes.

Think about size and security

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Scale and proportions are not only important for a balanced aesthetic, but also for pure functionality. Remember that a front walkway should at no time be less than three feet wide. A sidewalk should extend along a driveway approximately 16 feet for easy access to the cars parked there. And safety is the top priority. Make sure a walkway is well lit and the steps are properly graded.

Fine tuning

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This is when it all comes together. The finishing touches distinguish an ordinary design from something really remarkable.

Make the trip enchanting

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Any walkway that you create on your property should make for a comfortable journey, be it to the front door or through the garden. Use plants of different heights, colors, and textures to keep and eye-catching. Twist and twist paths are more interesting, so use this trick when you can. Using brightly colored stones, creative lighting, decorative benches, and stepping stones is a proven way to add visual appeal.

Let the night come alive with lights

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The outdoor areas of your home should not only serve you during the day. With the clever and creative use of decorative lighting, they can be just as alluring at night. Solar lighting along your walkway will make it come alive after the sun goes down. Hang creative sculptural lanterns or even outdoor pendants from trees and outdoor architectural elements like pergolas or gazebo beams.

Even simple chains of lights can turn nature into a magical retreat. Large floor lanterns that mimic light fixtures are also fabulous additions. And the lighting not only makes the room look inviting, but is also an essential safety feature.

Edge for added appeal

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Don’t forget to put ridges around your patio or pavement paving stones before putting in the shackles. Edges not only give the patio or sidewalk a neat, finished look, but also keep grass, mulch and plants away from them. Also, remember to edging new garden beds.

Decorate with flair

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Here you can add a pinch of personal mood to your terrace. Decorate with unique patio furniture, birdhouses, arbors and fountains. Search flea markets for unusual and interesting decorative items. Use planters generously.

You can choose planters of the same shape, size, and color if you want a uniform, symmetrical, and calm look. Or you can go in the opposite direction and use planters of different shapes, sizes, and colors to create more visual energy.

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The front yard, gardens, and outdoor living spaces of a home speak volumes about what’s inside. They reflect how you live and whether you are proud of your home. So give an impressive opening speech and take your breath away before they even enter. And when you’re bringing your home to market, spicing up the outdoors is a smart way to seduce buyers.