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5 creative kitchen design tips for the creative culinary artist in you

5 creative kitchen design tips for the creative culinary artist in you

What foodie doesn’t like to cook? Most true foodies like to try new dishes at every opportunity to take home the idea of ​​adding their own luster to an already remarkable taste.

The only problem is that most of the home kitchen artists haven’t set up their kitchens to inspire creative genius because so much time is spent looking for that ingredient, or that pan, or any other utensil we know about that it has to be here somewhere.

Then there is the problem of the atmosphere. Does your kitchen inspire you to actually cook there? Most foodies want a functional, yet creative, atmosphere to work in, but where do you start? Here are five kitchen design tips that will inspire even the most reluctant chef to spend time preparing delicious treats.

1. A butcher’s block countertop is an absolute must

Chopbloc_Slider_POH_stkxam 5 creative kitchen design tips for the creative culinary artist in you

There is no dish on earth that doesn’t need to be cut and chopped, and while many countertops have been made out of marble, there is nothing quite like an authentic hardwood butcher’s block countertop that has a number of advantages over natural stone.

Many chefs swear by hardwood butcher’s blocks and cutting boards because they are less likely to dull their blades.

Vegetables are particularly prone to slicing while slicing. Hence, any respected foodie’s kitchen must include a hardwood cut area either on a countertop or on a kitchen island. Not only are they functional, they’re also some of the best stylish kitchen countertopsso they are really a must see!

2. Undercounter Sliding Spice Racks

For so many years these rotating shelves, which our neighbors on the other side of the pond refer to as “Lazy Susan”, have been perfect for cooks who have a large supply of spices and herbs on hand. Usually they were kept in a cupboard above or right next to the oven, but today many homeowners prefer pull-out spice racks that are on either side of the stove.

They’re under the countertop and pull out like a drawer, but they run vertically at the height a closet would be, although they are obviously much slimmer. Some keep the spices they use in cooking on one side for easy access and others use them to prepare food on the other side closest to the area where they mix ingredients.

3. A Center Kitchen Island

kitchenisland 5 creative kitchen design tips for the creative culinary artist in you

So many kitchens today have limited countertops to work on. A central kitchen island not only serves this purpose well, but can also be a multifunctional area. Some homeowners use this as a prep area where they can easily walk back and forth to the stove or oven, while others like to put stools on one side of the island to use as a breakfast bar.

There’s nothing like that first morning cup of coffee that you don’t have to stumble into the other room with. Easy use your Keurig to instantly make that quick mug and turn around to sit down and watch the morning news.

4. Hanging pots for easy reach and style

Many home culinary artists enjoy the beauty and benefits of copper bottom pots.

These are not only amazingly attractive to look at, but also as Copper is an amazing conductor of heatThey help prevent burns or undercooked areas on food because the heat is evenly distributed. Who would want to keep them in a cupboard with such attractive pots and pans?

It is not difficult to install hanging pot racks, and these can just as easily be placed over the kitchen island or over the stove. The only reason so many people prefer to hang them over a kitchen island is because they are less likely to collect fat that rises from the stove. Washing pans more often than usual can be a real nightmare.

5. Colorful backsplashes

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How many times have you taken the hand mixer out to bake a cake just to have all that chocolate batter spray everywhere. Or how about standing by the stove frying a ton of chips just to splash grease on the wall behind the stove?

Even with the powerful degreasers on the market today, it can be next to impossible to remove the grease. Why not choose one with color instead of the crisp or white backsplashes that have become the norm? Most backsplashes come in a variety of colors so you can easily find one that goes with your decor.

It is not enough to prepare delicious meals, it is just as important to spend all the time in an atmosphere where you want to spend even more time in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a kitchen that is impressive but has all of the necessary perks a creative chef needs, these design tips can give you exactly what you’re looking for.