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Lighting ideas for bedroom

Lighting ideas for bedroom

Even in the bedroom, the right lighting ensures a pleasant ambience. After all, this room is not just for sleeping, the room design may also like to visually create a successful composition. Lamps should therefore not be missing as chic home accessories in the bedroom.

Dimmable lamps and indirect lighting

In the bedroom, a classic ceiling spotlight is often a bit inappropriate. After all, you want to be able to relax in this room for the most part. To bright or too intense light acts as rather uncomfortable, pleasant are ceiling or wall lights with more subtle light or dimmable variants. Very popular are therefore in the wall or ceiling integrated LED lamps that illuminate the bedroom rather indirectly.

Chic lamps to match the furnishing style

As a ceiling light, however, it may visually like to go a little fancy. Depending on the furnishing style, you can adapt to the other furniture. For example, a chic chandelier can be combined with a bedroom in shabby chic style. So your own sleeping area looks more sophisticated and you also have enough light available if you want to make yourself chic in the morning or in the evening in front of the wardrobe. For larger wardrobes, there is also an additional lighting in the closet. Variants that turn on automatically when opening the cabinet doors are particularly useful here.

Modern furnished bedrooms get a particularly puristic touch with chrome-plated lamps. For a very classic country-style bedroom, elegant variants in white and brass are extremely attractive. A large selection of different models can be found, for example, in the online shop.

Combine different light sources

If you still like to book a little book in your favorite book before you sleep, you need a good bedside lamp. So you do not harm his eyes, because enough light for reading avoids too much effort for the eyes. Swiveling lamps are particularly practical here. Individually according to their own needs, they can be adjusted and the partner will not be deprived of his well-deserved sleep.

Small islands of light, which are positioned distributed in several places in the room, additionally provide more coziness in the bedroom . One or more floor lamps decorate not only previously empty corners, they also give even more pleasant light. Combine it as a home accessories still real wax candles with LED lighting, you also provides a romantic atmosphere. These can easily continue to burn overnight. In the worst case, at some point the battery is empty, but there is no fire hazard for the apartment as with the use of a conventional candle.