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zebra print bedding and curtains

zebra print bedding and curtains

Bedding covers are the ones that give every bedroom its own style and look, which is why there are millions of colors and shapes to the beddings all over the world. The most successful and demanded bedding is the wildlife ones, especially the zebra print bedding. The reason for this is that it comes in two colors, black and white. They have great contrast between each other, and at the same time they match any other color whether individually or combined.

The reason is obvious, it simply goes with anything. Any style that a bedroom may have, and any colors the bedroom may be. The whole set is just vibrant and alive, with a touch of wildness. Zebra print bedding comes in a whole set, bed cover and pillow cases. The variations in the bedding are in the length of the contrasted black and white lines, there is also a difference in how wide they are. This means that you may have to look around to find the best pattern you like, and you will find a lot.

Due to the success that the black and white original zebra print bedding, companies have produced other colors as well. We can find many other colors alongside the black such as: brown, pink, green and cyan. They all look just as great as the original, and they can be a great gift for a newly wedded couple or as a new bedding for your children. These other color variations are becoming very popular, but it is not at the expense of the original. The black and white zebra print is still the number one seller, and I guess it will keep this place for a long time.

Bottom Line

There is always a variation of anything you may think of, whether in design or color or any other aspect. The original wins the battle over the years, any new variation may be successful for a while as a new trend; but overall the original wins. Just like the original black and white zebra print bedding over other colors, always number one.