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futon beds

futon beds

With their low frame height of less than 30 cm, futon beds are often used for Asian-style bedroom design. Classic bed models are here very simple and straightforward in design and impress with the processing of natural materials such as solid wood. In contrast, modern futon beds focus on an extravagant look.

Low beds with Asian flair: Futon beds

The concept of futon beds comes from Japan, where the term futon is used to designate a blanket or, more broadly, to designate the sleeping area. In Europe, the term futon bed has been adopted for bed models that are very low and where the mattress is entirely or mostly over the bed frame.

Further information on futon beds

If you just want a lower bed model and are therefore looking for a futon bed, you can choose from a variety of different bed types. For example, the futon beds feature solid wooden beds as well as upholstered beds and designer beds. All bed models are available in various sizes such as 140×200 cm or 180×200 cm, colors and variants, so that you can find a suitable futon bed for almost every furnishing style, taste and personal desire.