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Nursery room decoration ideas

Nursery room decoration ideas

If you want to make a nice nursery for your little ones, you can let your imagination run wild in the interior design. In addition to a playful design, a nursery should be functionally and above all resilient and practical, so that the children can use their room properly to play. If you would like to implement your children’s room ideas, please note that the children’s room is designed according to the needs of the kids. Therefore it makes sense to divide the children into different age groups for the sake of simplicity.

Infants are said to be between the ages of a few days and two years, kindergarteners are on average three to five years old, primary school children are six to nine, and adolescents from the age of ten to sixteen. This subdivision is important because it is best to include different factors in the planning of a beautiful, age-appropriate and pedagogically valuable nursery, depending on the age group.

For the design of a nursery in infancy, not only a small bed, changing table and wardrobe, not really many furniture to be planned. Since the little ones grow fast during this phase of their lives, a bed that grows with them is an advantage. Such a model is variable in size or adaptable. When designing a wall, you as a parent can let off steam artistically, if you can deal with brushes and paints and want to create an individual, child-friendly wall motif. Apart from that, playful children’s wallpaper are also available.

Nursery rooms of kindergarten children need much more storage space than the toddler. It takes space for the first reading and picture books, generally for toys and for the first sports equipment. A small size-adjustable desk should also be planned slowly. Then the child can become creative and initially has a place to paint and draw. When dividing the room, it is advantageous if the room is divided into a bedroom and a playground. If the room is a bit smaller, offers solutions with a high bed after age. Under the bed you have enough storage space to possibly place the desk or the child can under the loft bed a cuddly games corner set up. In general, extendable furniture is practical in children’s rooms, as you can add dresser, shelf or cabinet depending on the storage space and age of the child. In addition to the functionality of the nursery should be especially child-friendly. How about the princess room with a canopy over the bed? Even cheap little things will make the eyes of your little ones shine.

Children’s rooms of elementary school children should, in addition to the playful component, be tailored to the needs of a schoolchild. In this age group, it is important that the room is for playing, but also as a retreat for undisturbed homework. To avoid back problems from the outset, a decent desk and a good desk chair are a worthwhile investment. With targeted playful accessories you can make your child a pleasure.

When planning the youth room, one should let one of the children have their say. The older the child gets, the more it should be allowed to bring his character into the interior design. After all, at this age you want to become autonomous and create your own retreat. As the old children’s wallpaper or furniture are quickly embarrassing, a renovation is appropriate. An adequate workplace for the school is enormously important. In the same way you should buy functional furniture, for example, next to the bed maybe a pull-out sofa bed. So you can create a seat, but it may also be possible to spend the night with friends at the child. The decoration should be completely left to his child.