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How to choose the furniture for your guest room

For most of us, a guest room is nothing more than an extra piece of furniture that had no purpose in our original design project. No wonder that the guest rooms look poor and abandoned even in the largest and most beautiful houses. Over time, and when we don’t actually …

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Get to know: Granite worktop qualities

Congratulations. Your decision in favor of granite countertops will continue to benefit you for decades to come. Granite is durable, long-lasting, and the colors of the granite surfaces match any decor. Granite offers striking beauty and is very resistant to chips and scratches. In fact, granite is the second hardest …

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How to protect floors during renovation work

When doing a remodeling, one of the most important things to keep in mind is how to protect the flooring from paint, drips and even scratches. Nothing will ruin a remodel faster than the end result of a destroyed floor due to neglect or ignorance. That is why protecting the …

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Canadian house with contemporary interiors designed by ActDesign

ActDesignThe Quebec-based residential and commercial property design company founded St. Sauveur, a private Montreal residence. The company oversaw the interior design, technical architecture and construction management of the prestigious development. St. Sauveur is modernist and looks executive in its interior. It’s both impressive and cozy in its opulence. The interior …

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Benefits of Using Indoor LED Lights

There are many reasons why one should choose LED lights for home use: They are durable, energy efficient and far removed from any type of standard lighting.LED lighting is a great way to be environmentally friendly and tidy with digital light. We owe it to ourselves to move with the …

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Design ideas for study for children and teenagers

What do you think of when you think of a study? Maybe a function room where paperwork can be done, computer work or research, or a room where the kids can do their homework and complete projects? Since this space is vital to the household’s mental, physical, and financial health, …

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Hollywood Lake House designed by Mills Studio

This is a typical Hollywood populace house decorated with the luxurious features and window walls that we love so much. An extraordinary chandelier above the table in the living room attracts the attention of guests with its imposing size and the large number of crystals. The second masterpiece in terms …

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Green technologies for the home

All of the energy that you use in your home can definitely add up quickly. This is practically inevitable. It can be easy to be dismayed by how much energy goes into much of your everyday life, be it heating, cooling, water, electricity, or any other type of energy. What …

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