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Residencia PM could be the place you always wanted

Residencia PM could be the place you always wanted

For those who enjoy the night life but hate all the crowds, this house called Residencia PM could be the place for you. The Residencia PM house in Londrina, Brazil was designed by Spagnuolo Arquitetura.

This home fills gaps in home design from around the world and has everything you could need to entertain a large group or just your family.

Lighting is one of the main features that set this home apart from the best. Usually you can’t say this about a house unless you are referring to the natural light from windows or skylights. However, this house is well lit day and night.

You can swim in the pool with ease no matter what time of the day and the lights all around only change the mood and quality of the swim. Soak up the great outdoors while you’re still inside, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls some of which have angles to create a doorway. This is great for coming or going, or just letting in the warm summer breeze.

There is plenty of space throughout the house to sit around and have a quiet chat or just chat with a few friends. Sit on the deck, inside or outside, or maybe in the dining room while everyone enjoys good food.

The only feature that lets a little out of the picture is the stairs, which are quite narrow and almost hidden. It saves space for the rest of the house but can look daunting when you look up the slope in this corner house.

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