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Futuristic house designs: furniture and home decor

Futuristic house designs are the wave of the future. While opulent classic styles and mid-century modern are certainly still popular, futuristic interior design is becoming more common. With the increasing integration of smart homes and technology into residential buildings, futuristic homes are perfect for a modern lifestyle. What makes a …

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Minimalist living room ideas to apply in your home

While vintage living rooms were about going overboard with the classics, minimalism is a term that is very popular in modern-chic interior design ideas. However, when we talk about minimalist living room ideas, that doesn’t mean you have to be a simple Jane with your styling. We want you to …

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Wall toilet ideas

The wall-mounted toilet is a refreshing feature for every bathroom. It has been popular in Europe for many years and the US seems to be adapting this idea as well. In addition to looking very modern, wall-hung toilets offer several advantages. They are very practical and make the bathroom more …

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Bold and unique Turkish house with a contemporary design

This home is a perfect interior design inspiration and looks like no other. Located near the Turkish center of Kayseri, this house is bold and unique. The design is contemporary. Large floor-to-ceiling windows in this home overlook a crystal pool. The beautiful body of water is surrounded by a wooden …

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Colors that go with yellow: how to combine them

So what colors go with yellow? Whether you use light yellow to add sunshine to a dark room or the vibrancy of deep amber, a yellow color palette will add excitement to your home. Yellow colors each have a different mood or atmosphere. How you decorate with your yellow color …

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Stop dreaming and design a beach house

Now that summer is fast approaching, there are a ton of things to plan out for, from swimwear to where to go to vacation. Regardless of where you want to vacation in the upcoming summer season, beach house design is an important consideration. It’s safe to say that you and …

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