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Doing patchwork patterns

Doing patchwork patterns

I guess we all remember that great warming quilt that grandma made, do you remember how it looked like? That is right, it was made of many patches of cloth sewed together to form the quilt. This is what they call patchwork patterns. It is simply the art of creating a big design using smaller pieces that usually have a pattern. These patterns can be made of anything, they are mainly made of needlework patterns. But they can be made of cloth, leather or any other fabric.

The main idea is not making the patches only, what is behind that is the big reason. When you gather the patchwork patterns and sew them together, you will form a larger design made entirely from these patches. This large design can be used for many purposes, you can use as a quilt of course; especially if the patterns are made of wool. You can also use it as a table cover, bed cover or if it’s a bit smaller than these; you can hang it on the wall as an artistic piece.

As we said before, anything that can be cut into small similar pieces can be used for patchwork patterns. These patterns can be pieces of cloth from an old sheet, or handmade needlework patterns or anything else. The usage always depends on the material, it is better to use wool patterns as quilt than the leather one. On the other hand, the leather patterns for a great patchwork as a table cover than anything else. So it is all in your hands, you have the choice of selecting the best material for you; and you also know what the patchwork is going to be used as.

There is always something that gets old and needs to be gotten rid of, why not use it in a new way? Pick up a pair of scissors and cut it into small similar pieces that form patterns. Sew them together to create patchwork patterns, surprise your mom or your wife with a brand new old stuff recreated.