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Floor cushions: Nice accessories for your living room

Floor cushions: Nice accessories for your living room

The first place to look when designing a cozier living space is with decorative pillows. Beautiful pillows and pillows not only add extra comfort to the room, but also make it more exciting, as bold colors, luxurious textures and patterns are applied in a balanced way.

Media-room-on-the-roof-by-David-De-La-Garza-ZURDODGS floor cushions: wonderful accessories for your living room
Image source: David De La Garza / ZURDODGS

Recent interior design trends are prioritizing seat cushions on the floor and giving them a role in both formal living rooms and nicely designed children’s play areas. In most cases, tufted floor pillows are made from washable and durable Sunbrella fabrics, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Are you ready to embrace the trend and incorporate comfortable and large floor pillows into your home? We can show you how!

Floor cushions from the Desert Dream by Greenauer Design Group: beautiful accessories for your living room
Image source: Greenauer Design Group

Here is our floor pillow checklist:

Colors, patterns and textures

When choosing floor pillows, the first thing to do is to choose a suitable color, pattern and texture. The truth is that floor pillows are often kept out of sight, but that doesn’t mean they don’t play a role in the overall look of your living space. You may like the new and bold combination of fabrics so much that you decide to transfer your entire design overhaul to it.

Floor cushions from Casa-de-Montana-by-Cabin-Fever-Interiors: wonderful accessories for your living room
Image source: Interior with cabin fever

For inspiration for your colors and patterns, find fabric combinations and accent wall art in your current decor and think about what your current arrangements would look like with your brand new round floor pillows.

Functional forms

One of the main roles of floor pillows is to make your living space more functional. That is why you should choose forms that will inform visitors how to use them.

The decision is yours – you can throw comfortable cushions with firm upholstery foam around the coffee table in a modern seating arrangement or place a couple of extra-large round floor pillows in front of the fireplace to relax. Large thread-edged pillows will not only mesmerize your guests, but they will likely become your pet’s permanent home.

MOROCCAN-INSPIRED-APARTMENT-2013-by-Rebecca-Mitchell-Interiors Floor pillows: beautiful accessories for your living room
Image source: Rebecca Mitchell Interiors

Find the right place for your pillows

The floor pillow craze is hard to resist, but before you jump on the bandwagon, see if pillows can actually add to the style and function of your current interior design. We mean here that you shouldn’t use pillows just because everyone else is, but because you really need them.

Instead of throwing floor pillows in the middle of a well-decorated living room, move them to your kids’ playroom or media zone, or put them in a cozy reading nook.

Outdoor-Living-Vignette-von-DEKA-Home-Patio floor cushions: beautiful accessories for your living room
Image source: DEKA Home & Patio

When using floor pillows in more formal arrangements, upgrade the ambience with comfortable and durable Sunbrella rugs. Create a good storage plan (especially if you work in a limited space) or even create your own pillows that you can easily stack under the coffee table and have by hand.

Large floor pillows can enhance the home decorating arena in many ways. The main focus is on comfort, but colors and patterns add even more to the elegance and charm of your place. This is why floor pillows are ideal for activating your creativity and experimenting with fun and stimulating ideas.

Landhaus-für-Peek-Architektur-und-Susanna-Samson-Design-by-Alex-Maguire-Photography Floor pillows: wonderful accessories for your living room
Image source: Alex Maguire Photography

Before you add floor pillows, check out these tips:

  • Get some floor pillows with inserts, especially if they are going to be used by children. The fabric should be easy to wash and care for, and ideally cheap enough that you can change it whenever you want to freshen up your decor.
  • Choose a light to medium weight upholstery fabric for an alternative look. Such fabrics are easy to find (velvet, wool, corduroy) and are even easier to combine with the rest of your interior design.
  • Floor cushions aren’t necessarily DIY projects – you can always hire a skilled sewer or padding to make them for you.

Surf the internet for suggestions and ideas and most importantly, enjoy the process!

Peaceful Palisade Living Room by Sarah Barnard Design Floor Cushions: Nice accessories for your living room
Image source: Sarah Barnard Design

Delicious designs with floor pillows

  • An interesting design idea that will help make modern interiors more cheerful is choosing accessories that are food-inspired. These accessories are both practical and fun and look great when displayed in kitchens, dining rooms and of course in children’s play areas. For example, a piece that your kids will fall in love with in their slice-of-pizza sleeping bag, or a baked potato floor pillow that will add excitement to their sleepover parties.
  • You can also get floor pillows in the shape of various fruits and arrange them on a waffle-inspired rug for a more welcoming atmosphere. This way, you’ll transform your child’s room into a pleasant kingdom of sweet treats, especially when it comes to upgraded bean bags and creamy bedding.
  • Butterish Baked Potato chairs feel more comfortable and support the beautiful and modern atmosphere of a homely and inviting living space. Their charm is enhanced by bright and cheerful colors and the filling made of organic cotton, which also supports the idea of ​​a healthy and environmentally friendly home decor.

For a pillow inspired by Baked Potato, choose natural fabrics in brown and cream colors. Lovers of modern design can also combine these with a few smaller, silky butter pillows to create a chic and luxurious atmosphere.

Bermondsey-Warehouse-Loft-by-HI-MACS®-Italia floor cushions: wonderful accessories for your living room
Image source: HI-MACS® Italia

Natural filling

The luxurious comfort and softness of floor pillows are guaranteed by their natural feel, namely down, wool or feathers. You should always try filling pillows with organically grown fiber (cotton, corn, or soy), or even adding hulls with buckwheat seeds for a fluffy, silky texture (e.g. kapok tree). Millet is another excellent stuffing option to keep an eye on.

Westhampton-Beach-Playhouse-by-Chango-Co floor cushions: wonderful accessories for your living room
Image source: Chango & Co.

Earth friendly art

For a more eco-friendly scenario, get nature-inspired pillows and cushions with patterns like leaves, ferns, flowers, butterflies, trees, or even dragonflies. The fabrics should have simple graphic prints and be dyed in natural, natural and ideally toxin-free water-based shades. These colors include grass green, earth brown, sky blue, or warm red.

Aromatic & herbal filling

Choose only natural materials and combine them with aromatic herbs to introduce the scent of actually fragrant plants every time you use the pillows. A relaxing idea could be chamomile and lemon balm, whose clean and fresh scent can then be enhanced with sprinkled lavender leaves.

Combine rosemary and aniseed in your filling material with a pillow large enough to take a quick nap, as the strong aroma is designed to ward off nightmares and bad dreams.

BMR-by-COL-Construction-Design-Build floor cushions: beautiful accessories for your living room
Image source: COL Construction Design Build

Final thoughts on floor pillows

With oversized, extremely comfortable floor pillows, it is now easy to add a bohemian feel to a modern living space. Pillows can make any room look fun, exotic, and inviting, introducing an eastern world flame and a strong sense of community life.

They also improve communication and go hand in hand with the festive decor. The best thing about them is that you can call up the colors, patterns, and textures that you like.