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Your list of the top rated mattresses to chose from

Your list of the top rated mattresses to chose from

Are you on the hunt for the best mattress out there? With the large variety of mattresses available, even narrowing down your choice can be quite the task. Based on customer reviews and their popularity, read on to know which are some of the best mattresses for you to get a good night’s sleep based on what kinds you prefer.

Innerspring mattresses are not only the most affordable, but also the most popular choice of mattress for a large section of consumers out there. They come with that bouncy feel, along with the freedom to let you select the kind of bounce you want. The metal coils can be anywhere between 12 and 18, where the lesser the coils, the thicker and firmer the mattress is. Some of the best innerspring mattresses include the ones by Aireloom, Duxiana, Denver Mattresses and Heavenly Bed.

This is where you go on to select latex mattresses. These are similar to memory foam mattresses as far as the firmness is concerned, but come with a spring-back. While this may look like a pricey option, they can easily last over 20 years. Latex also comes in two kinds, the Dunlop variety, which is denser and heavier than its other variant, the Talalay latex, which comes with a softer feel. Some of the more known latex mattresses available include those by Foam Sweet Foam, Habitat Furnishings, Plush Beds and Sleep EZ.

If you want to control and change the way your mattress feels a little more frequently than you normally can, then what you need is an air-filled vinyl mattress, or one with a rubber chamber, along with a remote which helps you control the amount of air that is inside it. With a top surface essentially the same as innersprings, they also come with separate chambers for each side that allows different customizations for both you and your partner.