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Wall design: Creative highlights

Wall design: Creative highlights

Tips for wall design

  • Colors and patterns should be selected in the room and wall design as possible at the beginning. Matched with this, further furnishing elements can be selected to create a harmonious overall impression of the room.
  • By a clever choice of Wall paint rooms can be visually enlarged.
  • With Murals get exotic landscapes or the skyline of your favorite city in the apartment.
  • decorative accessories Wall plates, canvas paintings, photographs or mosaics contribute to an individual wall design
  • tiling They can also upgrade some walls outside their intended use, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are available in a variety of patterns, shapes and even with photo printing.
  • large-scale mirror are a great way to fill walls and enlarge spaces.
  • Wall decoration for nursery or kitchen: On board color can be written or painted with chalk.

Find the right wall colors

With white and beige we do not do anything wrong, but exciting is different. Each color has a different effect and also changes in different rooms at different times of the day. Therefore, before deciding on wall paints, paint a strip of wallpaper with the selected color, hang it on the wall and watch it.

Wall painting with paint: A painting is great to create that atmosphere Picture wall or skillfully emphasize furniture and give your room that certain something. Dark colors are quickly overwhelming, so it is best to just paint a wall. If you want to combine different colors, it makes sense to stay in a color family. Say to mix white to the chosen main tone. So you can make sure that a harmonious color concept is created!

Beautiful wall shelves as a decorative element in wall design

Not only picture frames can fill walls, but also shelves are perfect to let off steam and to give due attention to smaller decorative elements and figures. A string rack, for example, makes a lot without much content. Even individually combinable wall modules are an idea if you want to create your very own arrangement. For those who prefer a flat style: picture strips, very narrow shelves from IKEA, They are perfect for a picture wall with small photos and graphics that would go down on big walls alone.

If concrete look, eye catching pattern wallpaper, embellished with Wanddeko like picture frames, furniture or cuddly tapestry: The possibilities for your wall design are numerous.