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behind the door towel rack

behind the door towel rack

As the name implies over the door towel racks are installed over the door for a simple reason of easy availability of the towels. You can install them on the bathroom doors, shelves, and bath tub doors. They can be a single or multiple towel bars, or can be made up of multiple towel hooks.

Let us have a look at some of the different types of over the door towel rack-

These kind of towel racks have shelves above or below the towel bar for storage. You can use the added space to store folded towels or other bathroom essentials. They are generally small in size and allow you to save precious space in bathrooms.

They are standard towel bars with one or both the ends of the bar needing installing in the wall. The ones that have a single-sided installation allows you to easily slide on and slide off the towel as compared to the one that needs installation on both the sides.

They have one, two or even more hooks that can be installed over the doors for hanging towels. A good idea is to buy one that has equal number of hooks to the number of family members. You can assign one hook to every member of the home to keep things completely organized in the bathroom.

Over the door towel racks are generally made from metal, however, there are many made from wood as well as other materials. The ones made from metal are preferred over any other material as the racks are supposed to be installed in bathrooms that are generally wet throughout the day. Metal towel racks require minimum maintenance and last for a long time.