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Pastel Wall color: colors for your walls

Pastel Wall color: colors for your walls

First a little color theory

It depends not only on the color but also on how the color is used. For example, individual color highlights usually have a more meaningful effect than completely colored walls. Each hue has a different effect on the mood. It is well known, for example, that wall colors such as yellow activate, green soothing and red stimulating effect. But caution is advised: When painting complete walls or even a whole room in one color, the actual effect can be reversed quickly. Thus, when living and designing with strong wall paints, the correct dosage, balance and mixture with other colors in the room are very important.

The classic: white wall paint

The (non-) white color is unobtrusive, modern and usually gives a new look. On the other hand, white as a wall paint on a large surface tends to make the room seem cool and sterile. It should be remembered that the color world for living offers much more – for example, wall colors in pastel!

Pastel shades – discreet and chic

Pastel colors are colors that are mixed with a high proportion of white. So they look very light and delicate. Pastel colors are therefore perfect as a complement to white paint or for those who simply like it, but still do not want to give up color.