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Wall Decal – Images & Ideas

Wall Decal – Images & Ideas

Wall Decal and how to attach them

The benefit of a wall decal is its ease of attachment and removal. If the sticker is slightly warmed up with a hair dryer, it can be detached from the film and attached to the wall in a short time like a sticker. When sticking the wall decals just make sure that no bubbles under the film. Even the residue-free removal is quite easy with a bit of warm air and a pointed object, whereby care must be taken not to damage the walls. If necessary, the wall decal can be reused again after the acceptance, but this depends on the quality of the wall decal.

Wall Decal and wall stickers: the differences

A wall decal is not a wall stickers, Both are wall stickers, the Difference between wall decal and wall stickers however, lies in the nature of the film. The film is considerably stronger with a wall sticker, which is why wall stickers are more suitable for smooth walls. In the case of a wall tattoo, however, the texture of the surface does not matter, which is why it adapts very well to walls with a rough surface, for example woodchip wallpaper.

For which rooms are wall decals suitable?

In the children’s room long ago a classic, wall stickers are of course also popular in other rooms such as the hallway or the living room. Wall decals are made of self-adhesive, soft PVC film. They are available in semi-gloss and glossy finishes and in seemingly endless colors, shapes and patterns. They are not only suitable for interior walls. There are also special wall decals that are suitable for outdoor use and so on Terrace or balcony can be used. In general, wall stickers on smooth walls, such as glass, tiling or plastic or on rough surfaces such as woodchip, wallpaper or attach wood. Tips, what to pay attention to when attaching to the walls and an accurate Instructions for attachment you can find here.

A wall decal personalized

The great thing about wall tattoos is that there are no limits to the design possibilities. Whether floral motifs, decorative letters or quotes, almost everything is possible! Should it rather be a self-designed motif or favorite sayings and quotes, these can also be quickly put on the wall as a wall tattoo. The motif must be present only as a digital document, uploaded to any provider and ordered. And then your very personal wall sticker is on its way to you. The possibility of individually designed wall decals can be especially in the nursery Implement well, because you can easily conjure your favorite motifs on the walls, however unusual they may be.