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Simple Bedroom Ideas: Furniture for the oasis of well-being

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Furniture for the oasis of well-being

The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is undoubtedly the bed. With the right mattress, pillows and blankets, it is the favorite spot in the home for many. Here we spend rainy Sundays or fall exhausted after a busy week in the sheets. But a bed alone does not make a bedroom! For who does not know that: In the bedroom, laundry mountains quickly accumulate and cause chaos.

Create storage space in the bedroom

In order to create enough space for clothes, shoes and bedding, storage space in the bedroom should therefore be generously planned. The classic variant is formed by wardrobes and chests of drawers. A stylish alternative to storage is one clothes rail on which the favorite pieces of clothing can be staged. Modular systems that can be individually expanded can also be a suitable solution as an alternative to the wardrobe. Even more storage space can be created by using the space under the bed. For example, miracles can already be achieved in small rooms with, for example, flat storage boxes especially for beds.

The bed – the center of the bedroom

In the center of every bedroom is without question that bed, With this furniture as little compromise as possible should be made, after all, we want to spend every night here and the most relaxed and relaxing. Therefore, a bed test should be pending and the bed frames including mattresses tested before buying. Here not only on the design of the furniture, but also on the workmanship and the feeling when Triebiegen pay attention.

Whether beds made of wood, metal, a fabric-covered bed head or even a good one boxspringbed – The choice and possibilities are almost unlimited. switch pillow, beautiful curtains and cozy bed linen complete the rest of the facility.

Bedroom Ideas: Simply furnished in a homely way, that’s how it works:

  • To dye play a big role in the bedroom: Bei wallBedding and pillows are set to cool tones such as blue and calm, coordinated patterns that generates for calm
  • When cool colors is light especially important: Indirect light sources provide cosiness and atmosphere
  • textiles there can not be enough in the bedroom, thick curtains keep out daylight, coarsely knit plaids Cushions and cushions provide comfort, a soft rug makes getting up and living more comfortable
  • Consciously used Decorating ideas, like a great bouquet of flowers, make the bedroom a oasis of well-being