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Tips on choosing the best fabric for your garden chair cushions

Tips on choosing the best fabric for your garden chair cushions

The fabric of the cushions, especially when it’s for the garden chairs, or anywhere outside the house is extremely important. The fabric should be water-resistant, much better if it’s completely waterproof and dirt-resistant. As the cushions need to be placed outside in the garden, also ensure that the fabric is fade resistant and can easily withstand the weather conditions. It also important to check that the cushions have a polypropylene cover with 100% waterproof filling.

Let us have a look at some different types of fabric for garden chair cushions-

Also known as polypropylene, it is synthetic in nature and is an ideal choice for cushions that need to be placed on garden chairs. It waterproof, heatproof and is also very easy to clean. A perfect combination would be, to get a polypropylene covers along with olefin fabric for your outdoor cushions.

Traditionally manufactured from hemp, in modern times canvas is made from cotton. It is one of the most used fabric for outdoor use. It is tough and much cheaper than many other fabrics. It is also preferred by home owners who want to design their own cushions with the help of fabric colors. It is easy to dye and comes in various pre-dyed colors and designs.

The core of this fabric is made from woven polyester and it has an additional layer of PVC over it. Textilene is waterproof, heatproof, and is used for various outdoor applications. Moreover, it is also mold and flame resistant. Unlike other fabrics, textilene is commonly found in hardware shops.

It is almost similar to canvas fabric, the only difference is its weave and texture. Duck cloth has a tighter weave and smoother texture as compared to canvas. Like canvas, duck cloth can also be purchased in weight. Duck cloth is a little expensive then cotton canvas.