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French style interior design ideas, decor and furniture

French style interior design ideas, decor and furniture

Decoration ideas in the French style emphasize the unique charm of rustic life. Due to the simple beauty of the traditional French village and the promotion of simplicity and individuality, the ideas for interior design in the French style are enjoying significant popularity.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a simple but elegant interior. Whether you’re renovating an entire room or just wanting to bring a few key pieces into a room, country-style French furniture is suitable for a range of budgets. In just a few simple steps, you can create a rustic space reminiscent of rural Provence.

One of the main features of the French style decor is the careful blending of indoor and outdoor areas, as well as the skillful use of fabrics and furniture.

The ideal color palette

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One of the best French style decorating ideas is mixing different fabrics, designs, and colors to create an informal, homely feel. Country-style French houses are often simply decorated, with plaster walls in delicate shades of blue, cream, and green.

These soft colors are often complemented by unique, patterned fabrics, with an emphasis on plaid embellishments and floral prints. The floors in a traditional rustic French home are often covered with wood or terracotta tiles, both of which age effectively and give the space a minimalist yet cozy feel. The joy of French decor lies in the individual mixing of different designs. So don’t be afraid to put your personal stamp on your room.

The nature inside

The French lifestyle focuses on enjoying and using the outside space. To make the most of the pleasant summers, traditional French homes usually have a patio shaded by trailing plants. If you’re interested in French style decorating ideas, you can try adding a small, sheltered space to your garden to create the perfect place to dine on those long, warm August evenings.

Not only can you create an authentic French outdoor dining area, but you can also add rural elements to indoor spaces. Vintage wood or wrought iron pieces are often used in French country style homes to combine rural and domestic life. When decorating a room, rough French country style furniture is often offset by delicate fabrics adorned with delicate patterns. Overall, the French style furnishing ideas focus on informality, functionality and simple, rustic tradition.

Simple and functional furniture

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When it comes to French style interior design ideas, furniture that effectively combines simplicity and functionality is key. In traditional French homes, dining and kitchen chairs are often made of wood or simple metal and are either painted in fresh, neutral colors (to give the space overall coherence) or are naturally aged which adds to the overall rustic feel of the space . Not only can you let pieces of furniture age naturally, but you can also artificially change your French country-style furniture using painting and stripping techniques. This approach cleverly highlights the rustic simplicity of the French tradition.

French style fabrics

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Toile is the fabric most commonly associated with French style decorating ideas. The French word toile literally means fabric. Toile is often beige, cream or white and adorned with repeating patterns or pictures. The images repeated on toile can vary significantly from elegant summer scenes to crowded French streets. The decorations on Toile are available in a limited range of colors, including red and blue.

In recent years, toile has grown in popularity. The patterned fabrics available for purchase today are designed to suit a range of tastes and budgets. In addition to toile, French country houses often contain fabrics that have a rural theme. For example, farm animals such as roosters are often sewn or applied to tea towels and pillowcases.

Popular French decorative decorations

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The simplicity common in French country style homes is often evident in the use of simple, homey decorations such as antique, used vases, medieval candle holders, and woven baskets that are used to store household items or perhaps firewood. Interior design ideas in the French style also often include garden herbs, which are attractively presented in patterned pots in the kitchen, as well as copper pots and jugs. If you have a particular fondness for flowers, you can either make your own attractive bouquets or dry dying flowers to create rustic, country-smelling potpourri.

Pièce de Resistance

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There are so many ways to add the finishing touches to your new space or home. Your local antique stores are full of one-of-a-kind pieces that are ideal for creating any number of French decorating ideas. Upscale antique stores are full of competitively priced wrought iron chairs and tables that you can use to create an attractive outdoor dining area.

Antique shops not only stock elegant pieces of furniture, but also smaller items such as carefully crafted pots, which are ideal for displaying kitchen herbs or freshly cut garden flowers. In addition, antique shops often carry a myriad of products from different countries. So always keep an eye out for real French pieces to place in your new home or room, such as: B. Authentic French signs and posters.

In addition to browsing your local antique shops, you can also try making your own decorations. Why not try sewing your own pillow cases or decorating your own clay pots with simple patterns? Not only can you fill yourself up, but you can also add a unique touch to your French country style by designing your own decorations.

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Interior design ideas in the French style are based on a careful balance between simplicity and functionality. In addition, such designs offer a lot of space for free expression and allow you to create a uniquely individual look.

Great joy arises from the careful collection of personally loved individual pieces that are ideal for you and your home. French style decorating ideas combine minimalism and beauty and help you transform your house into a rural, rustic home that is perfectly tailored to your individual needs.