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4 innovative summer renovations to try

4 innovative summer renovations to try

Summer is a time to have fun in the sun and enjoy the long hours of daylight.

Make the most of your increased motivation by starting some renovation projects that will improve your home’s resale value and your experience as a homeowner.

Check out some of these innovative ideas to make your home stand out from the crowd instead of focusing on traditional painting and siding washing. Here are four innovative summer renovations to try this year.

Optimize space

space-saving 4 innovative summer renovations that you should try

You have probably heard of Feng Shui – the Chinese system of spatial awareness, organization and health. Well, maybe the Chinese ancients were fixated on something.

Clutter can affect your stress levels and is directly related to your wellbeing and self-image. While deleting your own stuff can help with the problem, it doesn’t solve all problems, especially if you have limited workspace.

Your first innovative summer renovation project should be optimizing the available space by changing furniture, adding storage options to wasted space, and making the most of every inch of your home.

Consider installing shelves over the doors of your home to store books and treasures. Install drawers in your stairs for seasonal equipment that will only be used for part of the year, such as: B. Winter outerwear. Cut down on bulky end tables with compact, built-in shelves. Build a loft bed over the desk in your combined office and guest room.

Tear down some walls

Chic Open Floor Plan 4 Innovative Summer Renovations That You Should Try

The thought of permanently changing your home can be daunting. However, the popular open-concept style in modern homes has its merits. For one, it makes it easier for heat and cool air to flow through your entire home, drastically reducing your heating and cooling costs. They also have less flat walls, which makes you think more critically about buying things that you don’t need.

Don’t feel compelled to make this a DIY project – you should hire an expert before removing walls. Work with a contractor who is experienced in Building Information Modeling (BIM), a method that “uses a collection of data to aid in the design, planning, construction and ongoing management of modern buildings.” (Source: http://www.photomodeler.com/products/how-it-works.html)

It’s important that you don’t accidentally remove a load-bearing wall. Otherwise, you can change things up as you see fit. Open your kitchen into your living room and install a breakfast bar. Convert two bedrooms into one large master suite. Open up the smaller rooms in your unfinished basement to create a large recreational space.

Install magnetic walls

Trying to figure out the best way to hang that large plasma TV when there aren’t any cleats? Tired of poking holes in your walls every time you want to create a new photo arrangement? It might be time to install magnetic walls. This futuristic sounding service is offered by a company called Magnektikand they install magnetic panels in your walls that are strong enough to attach shelves and furniture to.

Magnektik claims their panels can hold parts up to 200 pounds each and can be installed so that they are visible or completely hidden. You can install these in your living room so you can constantly change the position of your photos and shelves, in your bathroom or in your backsplash to store appliances, or even in the back of your closet to keep seasonal clothes behind your other clothes can.

Imagine walking into your entrance area after a long day at work and simply sticking your keys on the wall next to the door. Imagine your kids can drive their toy cars along the wall of their room – the possibilities are endless.

Smart home upgrades

There are some simple smart home applications that you can install with little effort. Others, however, require careful planning, time, and commitment. The benefits of building a smart home far outweigh the work it would take to upgrade.

First and foremost, replace some electrical outlets with USB sockets so that you can plug your phone directly into the wall. Note, however, that wireless charging is likely to make these obsolete within the next decade. With the help of an expert, replace your thermostat with a smart thermostat that you can sync with temperature sensors throughout your home so your system can direct air into one room rather than another.

Motion sensors are the epitome of comfort and efficiency in lighting. Many companies are already using these for their bathrooms, and you can get one Plug-in motion sensor lights up for your hallways. Imagine the cost savings of having a light automatically turn on or off when entering or leaving a room. Think about the lack of arguments with your family about turning off the lights.

There are plenty of innovative home renovations to begin this summer. With careful planning and wise investing, your home will increase in value and become even more of a private retreat from the world.