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Beautiful Canadian house with a wooden interior

Beautiful Canadian house with a wooden interior

When you take a house built in 1974 by acclaimed BC architect Daniel White and restore it while adding the latest technology and standards, you get an elegant Canadian home in North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada.

This 5,500 square foot home contains 2 acres of wooded waterfront property. The design captures the surrounding views through a fully glazed westward orientation. A mixture of the natural elements from the area gives it two completely different appearances from the outside until you enter the door from the inside.

As you drive to this house, you think that someone very elegantly cut this house out of stone and added a frame with windows to enhance the style. As you walk around the house you are surrounded by lush trees, with a pool on one side of the house that has double access and a view from the top of the house.

But when you enter the house it seems like you walked into a tree yourself. This home has been restored from floor to ceiling with a complete wood finish.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are all kept in the same wood tones, making the appearance consistent throughout. As you step into the other rooms of the house, the look becomes more subtle. The color blends in with the rest of the environment, making it more open and less woody.

Combine the wood look with the stone look to add some stairs and you have a unique blend of elegance that is a complete blend of nature and science.

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